Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life and Snuggles

Okay, before I start I just need to tell you a quick cool story. So, I was warming up for football this week and noticed a girl on the other team who had amazing legs. You know, long, lean and very muscular. Maybe I'm weird for noticing these things but I appreciate fitness. Anyway, she was the rusher and so she was the one who kept coming at me (I was QB). She didn't sack me once (that I remember) and I even ran by her for a touchdown. She did manage to block one of my punts though. ANYWAY, found out afterwards that she is a 3 time Olympic athlete!! She runs the 1500m and even placed 4th in Atlanta. Cool that she's an olympian and cool that I ran in a touchdown past her:) I do have to say though that she is new to football so once she really gets it, then we'll be in trouble!

On Saturday I hosted my sister Jan's baby shower. Little Sami was a good little girl, she just loves being snuggled and there were lots of people to snuggle her!
Here are some of the treats I made...my sisters brought the rest (and maybe some healthier options!)
Snuggles with Sami.
Mommy and daughter
Jan's best friend, Robyn, joined us via Skype. She hadn't seen Sami yet (except for pictures) so here Jan is introducing them. It was 4am Robyn's time but she joined us for an hour:)
Sleeping on auntie Jackie
...with `auntie' Rachelle
Kai was busy for about an hour adding and taking away things from this creation; his rocket ship.
I made tortillas because I needed some and we didn't have any in the house. I don't think I will ever buy them again because these were so easy and sooooooooooooooooo good. I replaced the shortening with oil. Find the recipe here. We ate them filled with guacamole, chicken, cheese, beans, mole sauce...so yummy!!!
This picture was taken on my 30th birthday when I was 5 months pregnant with Koen. I keep thinking about where we are in regards to adopting baby #3. I don't feel `pregnant' yet...I feel like we are trying to get pregnant. You know that crazy feeling when you are trying for your first, `I'm so excited! I'm so nervous! I've always wanted this but it's kind of scary!'. You know, like that. Once we are done our home study in September, then I will feel `pregnant'. Now, whether it's a rabbit or an elephants gestational period, we'll have to see!

Yesterday we mailed off our application (which Kai is holding) and our reference list. In one week we have our medical checks. I feel patient and I feel excited and I feel nervous (like the arrival of any baby right?) and I'm glad that it's not happening right now as I really want to enjoy Koen being little. Besides, once baby is here, Kai and Koen will have to share a room and they are sooooooo not ready for it (I'm keeping Koen in a crib as long as I can!!).

This morning I took the boys to Redwood Park as I had never been there. We loved it! I will post pictures tomorrow:) It feels so good to be healthy enough to take them out on my own. They are such explorers and it was so fun. Have a great week. Our family is off to Green Lake this weekend, should be fun to have a weekend of just family time!!!


  1. I love Kai holding the application with his thumbs up! Good luck! :)

  2. hey i love the pics louise. so cute. cant wait for you to do the night feeding up north, good thinbg she takes a bottle...lol

  3. Those treats look delicious!

  4. ErinFay1:09 PM

    We LOVE Redwood Park... it's a good place to explore. I wish I could come shopping to your place- you're always cooking such delicious food! Chocolate cake pops and mole sauce; DELICOUS!

  5. WHOOO! you played with an Olympian!!! :)
    the food looks great - Sami is ADORABLE!

  6. If those chocolate treats taste as good as they look, you got skills girl! Impressive. Cute pics of Sami. Have a great time at Green Lake!

  7. Praying for a bunny. More so than an elephant.

  8. I want you to come cater my next party!!!

  9. So much I could comment on... for now I'm going to say that those cupcakes look incredible.