Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Boys

I've got three very happy boys here. Let's go through each one:

1. Gary. He recently received a very exciting package in the mail. He got his radio poppers and remote trigger. I really cannot tell you the scope of these things yet (as I haven't had a chance to even look at them) but basically we can have remote flashes and we can also control our studio lights with the attachment on our camera. The most important part to me is the remote shutter release. HELLO FAMILY PICTURES THAT DON'T HAVE TO BE ON A TIMER!!!!!
So this is Gary being excited and taking pictures while I'm busy making dinner...
And yes Gary, I did post the picture of you grabbing my butt. That's what you get for taking those pictures.

2. Kai has discovered baseball. We started using a tee but decided to just pitch it to him and he hit the first 3 in a row. Out of our yard! Yes, we have the smallest yard ever. Time to practice at the park. Check out his eye on the ball...'s over the garage! Yes, he hits left. So we got to play again today. Can I tell you how much I detest being the pitcher? I'm absolutely petrified of the ball. Yes, it is a kids ball. Still afraid.

3. Okay, so not really new for Koen, but man, he loves his `hot-tee' (hockey). He just walks around all day holding his plastic golf club. He hits any ball he finds and says over and over, `Hot-tee! Hot-tee!' Even in the van, we make sure he is holding his hot-tee stick. Can I tell you that I find him so adorable?! Seriously, my heart smiles. He has yet to make me angry, upset or mad. I'm not looking forward to the day when he starts saying `no' to me!

Have a great evening!


  1. Looks like Gary is going in for a kiss, also! Lucky Louise! It's always nice to have a appreciative butt grab & kiss while making dinner!

  2. heehee - nice butt grab. fun times playing with new toys :)

  3. That picture made me feel uncomfortable.

  4. 'making dinner' - is that what kids are calling it these days? :)
    I, too, am petrified of flying balls/pucks...yes, I would detest being a pitcher as well!!!

  5. I'll forgo commenting on that photo as I'm sure everyone else will (did I just comment on it?).

    Look at that little slugger! Eye on the ball and swinging away. Go Kai.

  6. (Okay I wasn't going to comment but somebody has to say it...)

    Oh Gary Chapman, now I know what your love language is: physical touch!

  7. Wow, what a ball player you have there!! Koen's hockey is so cute too. I guess your kids are destined to be active with such active parents!!