Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Don't have time to write much as I'm pretty much taking care of Koen all day but here goes:
1. Koen has his second ear infection in a month. He's on antibiotics again. He is miserable. I can hold him for about 1 minute and then he throws back his head and cries and whines. He doesn't want to be held, but then he does etc. Even his favourite things (like going outside) are not working. Besides, someone let their dog do their diarrhea business on our front lawn so the kids can't play out there. I was sooo mad when we discovered it by Kai walking straight through it and into the car in his new shoes. I was a madwomen digging up sections of my lawn after that. Long story short, poor Koen is not happy. Fortunately he is sleeping well at night (dare I say that?!).

2. Reading `Book of Negroes' and it is so good. Read it.

3. Going to book a chiropractic app't for Koen to help with his ears. Anyone have any experience with this?

4. We went for our medical checks yesterday for the adoption process. We still have to get our $40 TB skin test and our blood tests done. At least I got to see that Gary's blood pressure is totally normal:) He never lets me check it. It's a little stressful seeing all our savings slowly go but I know that it's worth it and what were we saving for anyway?!:)

5. Bought a french manicure/pedicure set from Costco and it's fabulous. I have learned though that although Gary can paint homes, he cannot paint nails. I tried to get him to help with my right hand. I asked him if he tried his best. He said yes.

6. Kai has started a new difficult stage in regards to the toilet. He has been a dream so far up until about a week ago. He refuses to go to the bathroom without the toilet seat for kids. I'm sorry but I'm not dragging that thing around with me everywhere we go! He was doing totally fine without it. I don't know what happened and he can't explain it but he says the big toilet is too scary. I can't think of anything traumatic that has happened. When he went up to Green lake with my dad, he didn't have his seat so he just peed outside. Maybe we'll work on peeing standing up today. He held his pee all through preschool so he was so super wiggly and we barely made it home and then he had to pee outside on the front sidewalk. No idea where this is coming from and I wish we could have a better conversation about it but he doesn't even want to talk about it.

7. Doctor pointed out why Koen's eczema is so bad on his shins. It's his rubber boots that he wears all the time (so easy to put on). How could I NOT have noticed this? I'm a relatively smart person and did not put it together. So, no more rubber boots unless I tuck his pants in.

8. I love having homemade pesto in the fridge (and sun dried tomatoes). About once a month I make a bunch and then we have `pesto week'. Pasta, pizza, even tuna with pesto. I love pesto. I guess it's on my mind because we just had pesto week:)

9. Hope you are having a fabulous week!!


  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    You know those choc. cupcakes with the pink icing that you have on them...would you be willing to share the recipe??...I would like to try them for my friend's bridal shower...


  2. The cupcake is from Hershey's perfectly chocolate cake at:
    and the frosting is martha stewart's basic buttercream frosting at:

  3. I love that Gary at least tried to paint your nails! That's sweet :)

  4. Mmm.. I'm huge into pesto too and can't wait until it's warm enough to get a basil plant into the garden.. thanks for the tuna idea, I'm going to give that a try!

  5. Anonymous1:18 PM

    That is so cute about Gary doing your nails! Such a funny situation to picture!

  6. I really hope Koen feels better soon. And just have to second your opinion that the "Book of Negroes" is a great read!

  7. I struggled with "book of negroes" and stopped reading it. A few months later I picked it up and could not stop reading it. I thought it was incredible!
    I hope that your adoption process continues to go smoothly for you. It is really exciting!