Sunday, April 25, 2010

Green Lake Trip

Okay, so from my last post...these were my goals for our trip to Green Lake with my whole family:
Mountain biking with Gary (Check!! So awesome)
Hike with my sisters (Check!! Walking with sisters)
Watching Kai on the quad and I guess trying it out myself! (Check!! Loved it!!)
Safe travels (Check!! Although, we need to bring our van in because it completely shut off twice on Friday while we were driving)
Laughter with family (Check!! Laughing at my sister Jantina for saying that Sami was already crawling...Sami is 1 month old)
Kai roasting marshmallows and hot dog wieners for the first time (Nope...too windy and cold)
A decent nights sleep for all of us (Nope...terrible, terrible, terrible sleeps..I'll talk about it below)
Family walk to the little's about 5km round trip. Perfect.
This is how kids play golf...
Jackie and Tyler joined us on the walk to the little lake.
Gary and I got to go out on our mountain bikes!! We haven't been out together in years. It was fabulous going on the quad trails...a few roots and downhill and we were good! We didn't go for too long though because we had a sick little Koen back at the house.
The first night, all was going well until 11:30pm when Koen starting puking. He puked 4 different times before 1:30am. It's stressful enough at home, but when you are in a house with 5 other families and a limited number of clothes, it was tough. We slept from 1:30am-4:30am when he puked again. So ya, not the best night sleep. He had a fever throughout the day and we just kept him cool with advil and a bath. Poor Koen. It was a terrible time for him. No one played with him or held him because he was sick (besides Gary and I). Last night was slightly better but still, not a good nights sleep. Oh Kokies. I have no idea what's wrong with him but I'm thinking it has to do with another ear infection. The one good thing was that my dad installed a washer and dryer in the cabin/house just yesterday so we could clean things up a bit. Yuck.
My sister Maria is 20 weeks pregnant with her 3rd....
Okay, so how have I never been on a quad before?! Well, my dad just got one so maybe that's why. It was so awesome. I used to ride our dirt bike around a `track' in our backyard when I was a teenager. This totally brought me back. They are so easy to operate, just a little tough to turn. I loved it! I have no idea whose coat I'm wearing here but I'm not really 300lbs! We just took a couple short trips out on it as I didn't want to leave Koen for too long. I won't tell you how Gary held on to me when I was the one driving.
Kai LOVED the quad. Of course. He could start it all by himself and I think Opi needs to buy a kids size one:) When Kai went up with Opi the day before we went, they took it out for a good ride and had a picnic.
Koen and Izzy colouring. Koen was naked most of yesterday to keep him a little cooler.
Gary and I went on a walk after the kids were in bed....looking at these three pictures, I guess I like fences!

This morning we snuck in a family picture before brunch. The sun was way too bright so it's not a fabulous photo but you get the idea. Dad, next time put your arm around someone:) The family continues to grow, grow, grow!
We tried a picture with the grandkids but they weren't so into it.
Overall it was a great trip. If Koen had not been puking that whole first night, it would have been a whole lot more restful and fun. Poor bubba. He seems a lot better today so hopefully he's on the mend! Thankfully no one else got sick. We're going to the doctor on Tuesday so I'll get him to check out Kokies ears.

Our tired and exhausted family on the dock.
Well, it was great to get away for the weekend. Great to see Kai having so much fun. Great for Gary and I to ride bikes and the quad together. Great to always go back to the place we got married at...would've been awesome to have had the quad then...just ride off on it:)
Hope you all had a fun weekend and that you didn't have any puking kids!
Love, Louise


  1. yay for the good times, boo for the puking and bad sleep :(
    i agree that quads are so much fun!
    i like those three fence pictures.

  2. I love that shot of you guys on the dock! Sorry to hear about puking at night - our last vacation was fun but also a haze of tiredness and caffeine:)!

  3. That last picture of you guys on the dock is have so many great family pics. I also really loved the wood/fence pictures. What a stunning spot.
    puke? was that really necessary Koen???

  4. What a great trip! The weather looks gorgeous! Sorry your little buddy was barfing. Hope he gets better soon.

  5. I really like that photo of the white fence.