Thursday, April 08, 2010

Two boys and a girl

These past two days, Gary and I have had nothing on the calendar and it's been dreamy:) It's been nice to just catch up on adoption paperwork and Gary, his school work. It's not that there's bad stuff on the calendar, it's just life. Fun but busy! I've got my first football game this weekend so we'll see how it goes. I'm interested in seeing what my body can do. I have to say that I'm feeling that it is the best it's been since Sept 09 so we will see!
Oh Koen. He still looks like a baby because he's so bald:) Both boys have their daddy's green/ hazel eyes.
Koen likes blowing on all of his food. He is still eating the same as or more than Kai.
And here he is, mid whine, stopping to say `cheese'. It's so cute! I have no idea where he got it from because Kai never says `cheese' for photos. He would start whining so I would pretend to take a picture and he would stop and say `cheese!'.
Kai is heavily into activity books. Stickers, patterns, colouring, math, tracing etc. He got a `Cars' activity book from Gramma and we got him the Preschool book from Coscto. He does it for at least 2 hours per day. It's awesome! It does require a bit of parent participation but it's fun to play teacher:) Kai has recently started counting things in his head. I have no idea how he learned how to do it but he does it very well! He loves math. He loves addition and we started working on subtraction a little more today. Kai says he wants to be a house painter when he's older. Not surprised as we recently bought paint for the interior of our house AND Gary let him help out a bit when he painted last.

I got a chance to go out to Mission to hang out with my newest niece. While Jan was showering I may have snuck in a few photos:)

She is so adorable and is eating nicely. She is also starting to struggle with a little gas. My boys also struggled with it, I feel so bad for them and their poor tummy's.
I knit that little `cocoon' and actually have a matching knit headband with a flower on it but she would not have anything on her head. She did love the cocoon part, that's for sure! I have since made a cute pink one that I wouldn't mind trying out on her:)
(Isn't that a cute quilt that Joanne made?)
Aw, sleeping baby! I got to carry her in the snugglie for a little walk. She was so light! I could've walked with her for hours, just glancing down every minute or so to take in some of her cuteness.

Well, Kokies is crying. He only naps about an hour a day. Enjoy the rest of your sunny, blustery day!


  1. i like the mid-whine "cheese!" :)
    that little cocoon is soooo cute. hope she'll let you put the matching hat with it...what a cute picture that would be :)

  2. Sami is sooo cute! :)
    And ya - I forgot to mention, but when I was babysitting the other day, he came up to me and said "two plus two is four!"...then, "five plus five is ten!!". Very smart!

  3. ps-did you have your game today? (or was it practice - sorry...I forgot) - how did it go, Miss QB?