Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poor Kokies

He is so sick and I think the antibiotics have made it worse. He's on Clavulin (antibiotics) because he was on amoxicillin 5 weeks ago. It is way stronger and a larger dose so it has just destroyed his digestive system. I have never seen anything like it in my life. He also threw up all over our bed this morning...any ideas what to do for our mattress? We didn't have a mattress protector on it. I had given him some probiotic powder that I had picked up at the nutrition store to help restore his good bacteria so I don't know if that's what made him vomit or if it's the antibiotics. I'm calling the doctor this morning to see if I should take him off the antibiotics. Sorry if it's too much info, but 15-20 extreme (and I mean extreme) diarrhea diapers in a day is just not okay. I have to cancel the chiropractor appt for today because I'm thinking that he wouldn't want Koen there:) It makes me cry because kids should not be allowed to get sick. My poor little monkey.

PS They say breastfed babies don't get as sick...well this kid has been sick so many times (thankfully mostly just colds) since day one. I even breastfed him for 13 months. Maybe he would have been sick more often had I not breastfed him?
PPS Kai has his party day today at preschool and will probably have to miss it. He missed it last month because of a sick Kokies too.


  1. awwww :( poor Koen. Poor you too! Sorry, no suggestions for your mattress.
    Taeya was also ALWAYS sick as a baby while i was nursing her...not entirely sure about that 'truth' either...?

  2. Poor Koen...and poor you!!!

    Vinegar on the mattress? I've used it on ours for vomit and it seems to have survived!!!

    Statistics show that formula fed babies are sick more often, and for longer, and die more frequently of illness than breastfed babies. Sometimes it's hard to tell from an individual breastfeeder, though! I know I've noticed Riley gets sick way more often than Ayden did (tho not nearly as often nor as bad as Matthew was)!! Maybe it's the older sibling aspect???

    Hang in there!

  3. oh no, I'm so sorry Lou (+ Kai and Koen especially). No suggestions (actually, maybe - yogurt? not to get better but to bring flora), just sympathy.

  4. I know I'm a few days late on this but I hope your little buddy is feeling better! The reaction to those strong antibiotics sound awful!