Tuesday, February 09, 2010


This morning, Kai and I started making his Valentine's Day treats for his preschool friends. They are celebrating Valentine's Day on Thursday so I thought we better get started today. Tomorrow I'm going to do some other baking for the actual party. They are doing a dance-a-thon to raise money for a program in Ethiopia that helps children under 5 to survive and thrive.
Then we wrapped them up. That pink ribbon is actually from our wedding favours 5 years ago. We had bags of personalized M+M's that said `Gary and Louise' and `May 28, 2005'.
And just 'cause they look pretty....
I'm so thankful that I could attend the dress rehearsal for the Opening Ceremonies. Obviously I can't say anything but I thought that we, Vancouver, did a wonderful job. Also, the skytrain and security etc. all ran very smoothly:) Make sure you watch it on Friday night!

Well, time to wake up Koen and pick Kai up from preschool. I just need to say this one more time...my boys have a ton of energy. Enjoy your Tuesday evening!


  1. I'm glad that it was impressive :) Can't wait to see them on Friday!!

  2. Ani asked me today why boys have so much energy :o)
    Glad you had fun.

  3. Hey your Quatchi has Olympic red mittens! so cool. Our Quatchi is going to be jealous of your Quatchi ;)

  4. Wow! I wish I was in Kai's preschool class - those look awesome!

  5. You are a supermom Louise! Love the cakepops!!! Lucky class :)

  6. how do you make the cake into balls that attach to the stick?
    mmm....looks SOOO good! (and the one I had before tasted SOOO good!)!

  7. Jackie, you just put a cake in the food processor and then mix it with a cup of frosting. Form into balls and put in the freezer for 20 minutes. Then, put chocolate on stick and insert. Put back in freezer. Then dip in melted chocolate. Time consuming but looks nice:)

  8. By the way, you can also make these pops by using a food processor with cream cheese and oreos. Maybe be faster not sure.

  9. You know Louise, you make the treats sound so easy. But I would rather just pay you to make them for me. Are you interested?

    I don't know where to buy the sticks or the chocolate.

    Glad you had fun at Opening Ceremonies. I get to go tonight and I am so so excited!! My ride is coming for me in just a few minutes and our skytrain awaits!!!