Tuesday, February 16, 2010

10 Things

1. You know you are having a mild winter when you are at the park at 9am in February and you're not even wearing a jacket! Well, the kids were wearing one, but I wasn't. Loving this weather.
2. I'm loving the Olympics. I love watching it and it's nice to watch events in our time zone! We had a party on Saturday for the moguls and it was really fun to have people over, eat food, and cheer on the athletes.
3. Our kids have been the grumpiest they have ever been these past 3 days. They are both fighting colds, and Koen's is especially bad. He is coughing a lot and is quite congested. His grumpiness is mostly his non stop crying in bed and refusal to go to sleep, even though it's what he needs. Two nights ago, I got up with him and just held him, but nothing helped. We both got very little sleep. Last night, I just let him cry. Poor bubba. He probably cried about 5 different times throughout the night...only 10 minutes each, but still, he's not a happy camper. Kai is staying home from preschool today because of his cold. I don't like it when he misses it but its what we have to do! Oh, I should mention that Koen's eczema is 90% gone! Now, I don't know what it is due to (no soap/bubble in his bath, goat milk, or aveeno baby lotion) but I'm very glad. He accepted the goat milk with no problem at all. Only downfall is that it is twice the price of whole milk.
4. When are kids are super grumpy (Koen crying, Kai in time out non stop), I stop and think about having a third:) However, I know that these grumpy days are far outweighed by fabulous wonderful ones so I'm not worried. Just 5 weeks until we start the first part of the adoption process!
5. My friends, Tessa and Simon, had a baby boy last night! Their first baby! I don't know many details except it happened so fast, the baby was born at home just as the midwife arrived! Can't wait to meet him and hear a bit more of his birth story. So fun when you see you friends or family becoming parents.
6. I am the emcee of my sisters wedding (and photographer too!) in just 2 weeks. Any tips? I have no problem public speaking but if you've seen any wonderful things done by an emcee (or terrible I guess), please let me know! I need a tip or two!
7. I've started getting rid of a ton of stuff, craigslisting it etc. Our house is not very big so the more stuff in it, the more it feels super cluttered. Also, we would like to gradually finish our basement suite so I would like to have as little as possible in our basement. Talking about houses, we got our house and auto insurance through Coast Capital and saved $100 on each. Just saying....
8. I've started exercising 5 days a week. I've been quite inactive for 5 months and I'm tired of waiting for my thyroid to be 100%, so, I've started. I'm only doing yoga and short jogs but I think it will be very effective in getting me back into shape. I am quite a fan of yoga. I do feel quite well, still at 85%, and I just need to make sure that I take good care of my eyes and remember to take my medicine. With Graves' Disease, your eyes are attacked separately from your thyroid, so even if I get my thyroid under control, the immune system can still attack my eyes. The biggest problem with my eyes these days are dryness so I just really need to stay on top of it with the artificial tears and lubrication at night. Fun times.
9. Our second wedding (and first full day coverage) of the year is on Saturday and it's supposed to be nice out! Looking forward to it! So thankful that we are able to turn our hobby into a source of income, especially since we are now down to one income!

10. Gary and I are heading downtown on Thursday after he is done work. My lovely sister, Maria, is watching the kiddos and even putting them to bed for me!!! Woohoo!! Gary and I aren't really sure what we want to do but the object of the evening is going to be to take pictures. I think. Just 3 weeks until our 3 night getaway! Oh man, I have a feeling gramma isn't going to get any sleep having Koen sleepover:)

Remember, I need some tips on emceeing!!!
Love, Louise.

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  1. 1. i've worn flip flops a few times this week :)
    2. SO fantastic that it's in our time zone - makes it so easy!
    3. we have a MAJOR grumpy pants (teething) here too. i feel for you :(

    i'm annoyed at bloglines...i just was notified of this post today (the 19th), 3 days after the fact.