Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Real McQueen

Kai LOVES cars. He has seen the movie `Cars' probably 100 times. He tells everyone that he has the `car movie' and he loves pretending to be Chip and run into people. Can you guess what he is so excited about below? This is his `Oh man, I can't believe it...this is crazy!' face.
Opi (my dad) got himself a snazzy retirement gift. Whenever my dad spends money on something, he will compare it to a certain number of cigarette packs that he has not smoked (he quit about 25 years ago) and therefore money he has saved. This is definitely a few years worth of not smoking:)

Now Opi is even cooler than before. I mean, he has a dirt bike, jet ski, quad, riding lawnmower...and now a convertible. Kai gets to experience all that this little boy dreams of. Thanks Opi!


  1. SOOOO awesome!
    my parents have convertible Corvette's, but because there's no back seat, Taeya hasn't had a chance to go for a ride in them. the day will come though.

    i LOVE Kai's excited face - so cute!

  2. Awesome face! Such a cool Opi

  3. so cute. Kai looks VERY excited! Gorgeous car too!!!

  4. Kai's face in BOTH those pictures are awesome! I love that kids expressions are so transparent...makes them so fun to look at!

  5. I LOVE Onion's first face - of sheer excitement and nervousness!
    Do you think Koen will love cars??

  6. jackie-Koen is already taking Kai's cars and he `drives' them all over the place so I'd say that he will def. love cars too!