Saturday, February 06, 2010

Skin Question

Hello to all my this just eczema? He has it really bad on his right leg and his chest. The rest of his body, not so bad. He's had it for about a month. This does coincide to when I started him on whole milk but I'm not sure if it's related. It was really bad tonight. I've been using a good Aveeno lotion on it, so hopefully it will help?
Also, completely unrelated...I saw Avatar today in 3D. It is the best movie I have ever seen. I never pick a favourite, but I just have. So beautiful and creative. Go see it. In 3D.


  1. Adam currently has patches like that all over his body (especially bad behind his knees). I've asked the doctor and she says its eczema but this is the worst he's ever had it.

  2. Hey Louise...Looks like either eczema or a dermatitis....perhaps a reaction to the milk??? Do you have a mild over the counter cortisone cream...just to take the edge off for him? I'd probably get it checked out (or is it the same doc that saw Kai?) Just my nursey opinion :) Also, if the patches are warmer than the rest of his skin, it's also a good idea to get it checked sooner than later. Poor little monkey!

  3. Totally looks like eczema.

  4. it looks like eczema or possibly even hives. Def. get it checked out, milk elimination from diet can help eczema sufferers sometimes. Maybe check out Mayo clinic dot com? They have good suggestions that are often based on conventional AND alternative medicine for lots of medical conditions.
    Also, olive oil in the bath helps Ri's eczema tons, and use minimal soap--I use shampoo from the health food store, and some really mid soap on his bum and hands. The rest of his body I only wash with water.
    Make sure bath water is warm not hot, hot water dries skin out faster. Bath infrequently.
    IF it is hives, benadryl is best.
    It can make kids irritable because apparantly eczema is EXTREMELY itchy. The key is hydration. Good luck!

  5. Anonymous7:04 AM

    i would say it's a dermatitis.
    as far as i know eczemas they are itchy and change a lot (getting better and worse).
    if you want to know if it's milk related, just cut off the milk and wait for a reaction. my girls both have problems with whole milk, both had reflux and both had a hard time digesting milk related food (like cheese, yoghurt, ...) while being nursed.
    but to be sure i would get check it out.
    poor little man, i hope he's feeling better soon!

  6. Louise, that's exactly what Joshua's face and body looked like in the week or so after he was born when he was struggling with the wheat sensitivities. It went away within a couple of days of stopping wheat.


  7. My whole family had milk allergies as kids. My brother had skin issues with it. It could be eczema but you could try him on Goat's milk and if it clears up I'd say that's a sure fire way of knowing it's the milk if it clears up.

  8. I forgot to say that eczema is advanced dermatitis... and a very common symptom of a milk allergy. So, if the doctor does diagnose eczema I would still try taking him off of it and seeing if it clears up.

    I saw avatar last night too and it was so beautiful!

  9. Nana Jo4:07 PM

    Louise, Poor Koen!!
    Looks like it could be contact dermatitis. Have you started using a different laundry soap?
    I have notice that I get a reaction to clothes,sheets etc laundered in too much of the concentrated i.e 2X the strength, liquid laundry soap esp the scented ones. Maybe try washing clothes sheets etc in a milder/non scented detergent and watch the amounts w the 2x types.
    my thoughts.

  10. Livvie had a milk allergy when she was really young and she got bright red eczema looking patches on her cheeks. It went away as soon as we switched to soy milk.