Monday, February 08, 2010

Olympics Celebrations in Langley!

Today I was going to take the kids to the torch relay at 9am but when I saw that the parking lot was filling up at the Langley Events Centre, 1.5 hours before the program, I decided to find a spot. Kai, Koen and I ran around for about an hour. Maria and the kids joined us.

They had fun stuff for the kids like flags and tambourines. The kids made it all the way until noon. We didn't quite make it for the torch's arrival but we got to be part of the festive atmosphere. My boys are movers. Big movers. It's tough on my own to keep my eye on both of them. Kai did sit in the stroller for half an hour with Bubbi which was nice because then I could just chase Koen. Koen cannot sit still or he will scream. Although, he did sit with auntie Maria for a good 20 minutes.
Kai loved the Lion mascot from whatever bank is sponsoring it. He went up behind him and pulled on his tail. Twice.
We saw some of the gymnastic routines, we heard Cole Armour sing, a choir and band etc. They also had some nice and loud music playing when we got there which Kai loved.
Ani likes her picture taken. You can see this is early on because the parking lot is nearly empty!
Kai and I.

Kai dancing
Ani wanted a picture by herself but Kai kept jumping into the picture driving Ani nuts:)
Koen was fascinated with the white lines on the pavement:)
Ani and Kai with one of the torches from the relay.
Snack time!
Well, time to get ready for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Dress Rehearsal! I'm really excited. I'm also happy to be going without the kids. Is that bad? I'm just excited to worry about myself:)


  1. Good times - too bad we did not see the official torch, but kids had fun anyways.

  2. even if they swear you to secrecy, you gotta give us a few hints about the opening ceremonies ;)

  3. So much red and white in the first picture! Love it!

  4. So ok to not want to go with kids! Sheesh! Have an awesome time!