Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Rash Chant

This afternoon we picked Gary up from work at 3pm to head to Vancouver. Well, actually, the kids ran into Gary's classroom first. Kai got to collect tests for Gary and he loved it. He also picked up a construction vehicle book from the library there too:)
The kids have never been on the skytrain before and Kai was very excited. He loved the view, the noises, the speed. He loved it the entire way there and back. Koen just wanted to run around which does not work very well. He just kept wiggling and screeching when I tried to hold him so I ended up letting him walk around while holding on to the neck of his shirt. Not ideal but kept him happy.
It was cold and rainy. I wish we had gone yesterday. Oh well. It wasn't very busy so that was nice! I think Gary and I will try to get back sometime on our own so we can really walk around and try to get some pictures. There wasn't really any picture taking today as it was raining and the two kids were running around in opposite directions:)
Every picture of Kai has this sad face on it. Not sure why he was doing that. We each had a hot dog for dinner. Well, not Koen, he ate the sandwich that I had packed. I have had my yearly allotment of hot dogs (3) in this week alone. I had one at Avatar, one at the Opening Ceremonies, and then one today. So crazy. So gross. So wrong. Kinda good.
Okay, so now I need to tell you a funny story. One where I was in tears. It might not be so funny to you but maybe you had to be there? We were going home on the skytrain and Kai started chanting something that Gary and I couldn't decipher. We didn't really pay any attention until he said, `Bum! Rash! Daddy, can you show me your bum rash?! He had been chanting `Bum! Rash!'. Oh. My. Goodness. Gary said, `I don't think anyone wants to see that.', so Kai said, `Does anyone want to see daddy's bum rash?'. The guy beside Kai was staring straight ahead with a huge smile on his face. Fortunately most of the people were listening to ipod's or sleeping. I tried to get him to stop chanting but I was just laughing so hard because I was so shocked. The reason it's funny is because he doesn't really have a bum rash. Oh boy, is this inappropriate? He fell while cross country skiing a few weeks ago and got the HUGEST bruise ever on his butt. So, when he showed it to us, Kai had called it a rash. We started chanting `Bum! Rash!' over and over so that he would show us again. Too much info? We haven't talked about it in about 2 weeks but somehow he randomly thought of it. Over the laughs and tears, I told the guy beside Kai that it wasn't really a rash, it was a bruise. I don't know if he understood or cared about what I was saying through my laughter. Oh man. I gotta watch what we say at home.
Overall, I'm glad that we went downtown. I'm hoping that we get a chance to go again...when it's not raining and probably just Gary and I. I asked Kai what his favourite part was and he said the skytrain and the escalators.

And finally, here are the flowers that Gary bought me last night. Nice guy...with a bum rash:)


  1. I did the downtown thing a few weeks ago too. It's fun - there's so much Olympic excitement to see :) The smell of the hotdog vendors is so overwhelming when you're on the street corner. So good yet so bad! Great pictures! Hope the rash clears up soon ;)

  2. The bum rash story is hilarious! Livi is just starting to come out with that stuff... We were at Jon's mom's house for dinner last weekend when Livi all of the sudden starteed pointing at my chest saying "big boobies". His family is not the place for this kind of talk :S I laughed though.

  3. Anonymous10:36 PM

    o my goodness! i laughed so hard reading the bum rash story! haha you have one funny child!

  4. Hilarious story! brought a smile to my face!!

  5. it's nearly 11pm, everyone in this house is sleeping and I am trying DESPERATELY to muffle my laughter at the bum rash. i'm not doing very well, and i think my husband will wonder what i was laughing at.
    nice that you had that adventure together in vancouver.
    also found humor in the sentence talking about hot dog quota, "So gross. So wrong. Kinda good." :)

  6. Oh my, I was laughing so hard at your story!

  7. Oh Kai.....
    Glad you guys had fun, despite the rain.

  8. Love it. Perhaps that story is just more funny to anyone who has kids who can just imagine being in your shoes... See what I mean? You guys are a hoot!

  9. Oh Kai! You are a piece of work...

  10. Brilliant Bum Rash story.