Thursday, February 04, 2010

Poor Bubba and His Bubbi

Kai bear fell out of bed last night but it wasn't a normal fall. He got his head stuck between the bed and night table causing a nice big bruise on the side of his head. Other than that, I thought he was okay as he went right back to sleep once I rescued him. This morning he was unable to put any pressure on his left leg. Kai is very tough. He rarely cries when hurt and he is always covered in bumps, scrapes and bruises. This morning he refused to walk and when he tried he just fell down.

(Kai with Bubbi...he's allowed to have him downstairs today)
I took him to the doctor. Do you know how hard it is to carry the two kids at once? Good thing I'm so strong:) She said it wasn't fractured as he could still kneel on it. She said it's probably just a contusion or sprain. She gave us some ibuprofen and we were on our way. In the meantime, no preschool for this guy. He's just laying on the couch.

She had said something to the effect of Kai maybe trying to get attention because there is a younger sibling. I know this is not true because I know my boy. He gets attention by his words or by lying on the ground saying he's too tired to move. I felt like she was minimizing his pain. She also implied that once there was an activity he wanted to do, he would just do it. As though his mind could overcome the pain he was in. Sorry, but nothing can make him move. I tested it out with the promise of a lovely treat:) He is in pain. I know it's not serious but I feel bad that he just has to lay around all day. I think he will just ride Koen's fire truck around the house.

Now, to show you how outgoing Kai is. Here is a conversation with complete strangers in the doctor's office:
Kai: Hi, I'm Kai Chapman. My birthday is August 3rd. What's your two's name?
Boys: Cameron and Connor.
Kai: Hi Cameron and Connor. Do you want to come to my friend Matthew and Ayden's with me?
Me: Kai, that's nice to invite them but I think they need to see the doctor.
Kai (to the boys): Why do you need to see the doctor?
Boy: I have an ear ache. Why is he wearing a necklace (referring to Koen)?
Kai: That's my brother Koen, he got the necklace from the mailbox (true, it came in the mail).
Then, as we were leaving...
Kai: Bye boys, I hope your ear gets better soon!

I'm surprised he didn't invite them to his birthday. The up side of this is that I can take him anywhere and he'll just sit there. This has never happened. In the doctor's office, I just had to keep an eye on Koen. That was a first. Kai sitting for 20 minutes straight!

Well, guess I'll take them for a walk in the stroller today. I cannot believe how absolutely beautiful it is out there today!


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    poor kai! i hope he's feeling better soon!
    and hoping that he won't get too bored...


  2. aw, hope he feels better soon :(
    it is stunning outside - can't wait to get out there myself :)

  3. poo. hope he's running around soon... exhausting though that would be for you with both kids at a trot! For now, enjoy the (relative) peace.

  4. oh man. there are some great doctors out there and then there are some...not so great? That would be a very frustrating situation! Hoping he heals quick...perks of being a kid!

  5. Kai is so funny! I love how friendly he is. Sorry to hear that he hurt himself :( I bet the doctor has seen kids who don't get a lot of attention at home and have to act out to get it which is why she said that. She should probably be more sensitive though! Feel better soon, Kai!

  6. That's awful. I hope he is feeling better today!