Friday, February 05, 2010

I Always Said..

that if I had a boy, I would never have him run around in sweats, rain boots, and hair all crazy. I thought I would dress him all cute all the time. What do I do every day? Yup. Let him be. He's comfy and happy:) Well, for church and preschool I try to tidy him up a bit but he really, really loves his `comfy pants'. You really can't say anything until you're in it or you've been there. Like preschool, I said I would never send my kids. I thought only lazy parents did that. Guess I'm lazy! No, to be honest, I think it is absolutely wonderful for Kai. He has learned so much and his teachers truly love him. I was able to watch him there for an hour and he sits attentively, puts up his hand to speak, gives fabulous or silly answers, smiles with excitement, listens to instructions, shares with was so nice to see. I'm sure he can be a monkey too, but from what I saw, he was a great little boy.
As you can see, Kai is standing. He came to our room at 5am to tell us he could walk. I'm so surprised how quickly he has recovered. I'm also very thankful. Poor guy was just crawling everywhere for 24 hours. We prayed about it and it was a great example for him of how God answers prayer. The unfortunate thing of today was that he had all that extra energy from yesterday in him which meant two times the wildness.
Koen loves his fire truck, it was a fabulous buy. You know when you buy something and you hope it's well used, well, it is very well used. He's been quite a bit better these days so it may be due to the amber necklace, not sure. I'll let you know when the next tooth comes through how effective it is!
We went to the park with Ani and Izzy (nieces) today and the kids had fun. My boys got nice and dirty. Of course. Koen would walk up to a big puddle, get down and crawl through it, and then stand up again and repeat.
Ani and Kai play so well together. She calms him down a lot and he is really good with her...usually. Except when he gets in her personal space. Kai doesn't understand personal space. I think that it's great that his best friend is a girl, it has taught him a lot already.

And Izzy. Her eyes are awesome. I've said it a million times:)

Tomorrow morning I get to take pictures of my sisters 36 week pregnant belly. So excited about it; her belly and where I am taking the photos (just Mill Lake but I really like it there because I've only taken pictures there once). I think the perfect amount of photography shoots would be 4 regular per month OR 1 wedding and a regular shoot. That's kind of what we try to do...with the exception of May being a crazy wedding month.

Saturday afternoon I'm seeing Avatar. Sunday I hope to spend some time with Gary. Monday, I go to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Dress Rehearsal. All good stuff. Gary is spending the night with his 4 brother-in-laws and my dad. Should be an interesting dad is in charge of it:)

I'm going to eat some ice cream since my thyroid is in overdrive..again. Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Glad he healed so quickly! I think little boys in sweats and boots are cute :) So jealous about the Olympic dress rehearsal - can't wait to see your pictures from that!!

  2. Hey Lindsay, not sure if you'll read this but we're actually not allowed to take pictures! It makes sense, they want to keep it all super secret:)

  3. Duh! I should've figured. Of course they don't want snippets to leak out. Such a blonde :) Oh well, have a great time anyways!!! :)

  4. Hi Louise! i'm glad you found me (it would have been through Megan's blog if you're wondering). I loved reading your photography blog! I just bought my first digital SLR and don't know anything about photography except that I can't seem to stop taking picture of my girlies! i will keep on reading, for sure. Thanks for your nice comment... your boys look precious! Sarah:)