Friday, February 12, 2010


Yesterday Kai had his dance-a-thon at preschool. They were raising money to send to Ethiopia via World Vision to help kids of the same age. He was pumped to wear a pink T-shirt of mine as it was `pink day'. They had strobe lights, streamers, balloons etc. and the kids had an awesome time.
(Kai's favourite new book...he is obsessed with construction vehicles.)
(The only calm moments with Koen are when he is drinking:)
(Kai pumped to be wearing pink)
(Counting cookies)
(The wild party....they put a bubble machine in front of a fan, what a good idea!:)
Below are my latest cupcakes from the Martha Stewart Book. They are the Zucchini-Spice Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I added some red sprinkles for some Olympic spirit, made them mini cupcakes, and eliminated the nuts to make them kid friendly:) I figured that with 3 cups of zucchini in them, at least we'll be getting some veggies by eating them!

Looking forward to watching the Olympics this weekend. Saddened by the death of the Georgian Luger. I somehow feel some guilt about it....just feel guilty because I am a Vancouverite. Does that make sense? I hope that they can make some serious improvements to the luge course in the next day or two.
Have a good weekend everyone.
Love, Louise


  1. how did those cupcakes taste? they look good! I feel sad too. And somewhat responsible. I want everyone to have a great time and be safe while they're in my city.

  2. Yes, I feel bad that the Georgian died...was it a fault of the course - was there something wrong with it- or was it just one of those very unfortunate incidents that happen in sports?

  3. 1. BEAUTIFUL perfect,baby skin
    2. nothin' wrong with a guy wearin' pink!
    3.DELICIOUS lookin little cakes, wanna come fill up my freezer with goodies?
    4.second thought, dont answer previous question. If you wanted to that would be a VERY bad idea-for my body(which I am desperatly trying to get back down to size)