Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Love Day

This morning we skipped church, as we have two super sniffly kids, and we went to Campbell Valley Park (the south entrance). This is my favourite place for the kids to run around.
I was supposed to have a maternity shoot there yesterday but it got postponed for a couple of weeks. This morning would've been perfect!
We had a wonderful morning letting the kids run around and just be boys. Both were walking in puddles or streams and dragging sticks around.
I am so thankful for my boys.
Lots of love in this family.
Usually more goofiness than acts of affection.
I would LOVE a picture of our family walking towards the camera on this path but we did not bring our tripod...isn't it a beautiful path? It is my favourite one there. Hmmm...may have to go back one day soon. I love all the long dried grass right now. Just picture us walking towards you:)

Happy Valentines Day.
Love, The Chapmans


  1. Love the post name ;) happy love day to you too! What a gorgeous spot to spend the morning with all your sweethearts :)

  2. I'll take a pic for you! :) I agree, great path! Cute boys!!

  3. Lindsay-may have to take you up on the offer:) We'll see!