Friday, November 07, 2008

30 week belly

I just got back my results from the 3 hour glucose test and it came back that I have totally NORMAL blood sugar levels. I was pretty confident that would be the result (due to the one hour test), sort of a waste of 4 hours if you ask me!
(A belly picture from today. I know it doesn't look like my belly is growing but boy, the baby inside sure is! It should be about 3 lbs right now, I'd say its prob. 3.5:) By the way, I got this shirt at Costco last night, it fits nice and long....although sneaking up in the picture. They are only $10.99 and VERY comfy)
Kai is very 2. The other day Kai pointed out all the diggers. I said `Awesome dude!'. He replied with `Mommy, don't call me dude please'. At least he is polite? He will also say things like `Daddy, no singing please', `Mommy, I don't want to talk about it to you' (after I asked him what he did at Ani's house). He also is very particular about doing things himself; opening the van door (really, I push the button to open it as he's trying), no more booster seat at the table, putting toys away when he feels like he is done with them and not when he's just played with them--he might need them again! I would say he really enjoys cleaning up though. He listens well and ususally I only have to count to 2 and he has altered his behaviour. He hasn't had a time out in about 3 days which is VERY good for him:)
He is very affectionate and will hug anyone...even my dad in a scary mask at Halloween. He didn't even know it was my dad and hugged him anyway. Last night Matthew and Ayden were over for a few hours and Kai asked them if he could have a kiss goodnight before going to sleep. Matthew said yes. Ayden settled for a hug:) If he is going out with Gary, he will run up to me and say `Mommy, wanna big hug 'fore I go?'. Do I ever!
My favourite time of day is having a shower. Ten minutes to myself. Anyway, I usually leave Kai in front of the tv when I shower. Today when I came down, he had a Diego bandaid on. He said he had an owie on his cheek. Ya right. Maybe its those top molars coming in?
The other day I said `Kai, I forgot to do up your shoes.' He said `Oh ya! Don't worry about it mommy. It's okay'. I'm trying to convince Kai that it would be fun to go for a walk in the rain with all of our gear but he is perfectly content staying in the house. I hope there is some end in sight to all of this rain, it makes the days quite long!

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