Tuesday, November 25, 2008

3 more days!!!

I only have three more teaching days left for the next year! So crazy! So exciting! Tonight I went out for dinner/dessert with my 4 sisters....good times. Love it.
(Kai's favourite thing to do this week is spell words...he asks how to spell a certain word and then finds all the letters. Two days ago, he asked me how to spell octagon. Where did he learn that? I would highly recommend these blocks!)
I went to Canadian tire the other day and when I got in the car to go, my car didn't go. Gary came to check it out (yay for a second vehicle!!!) but couldn't fix it. We brought it into the shop there and it was a frozen tensioner that had flipped and they had to do a bunch of stuff to free and replace it. Anyway, it ended up costing $300.00. I know this might not be a lot of money for car repairs, but for me, it just seems like a lot of money...3 photo shoots worth:) I'm so thankful for our van as I don't know what we would've done without the car for 2 days!
(He doesn't recogznize his numbers but can count to 15. I'm trying to teach him but he has little interest in that. He was reading the letters for GRAND & TOY on a box and he said all the letters and then exclaimed `That spells box!' One of his favourite parts about TV shows is watching the credits....`There's a D! M! A! etc')
`House' was great tonight, I love that show. I have oodles of marking to do tomorrow as report cards are due in a week. Well, I better head to bed and attempt to sleep. It's been taking me hours to fall asleep because the baby is being wild. Doctor appt tomorrow! Dudes, I only have 5.5 weeks left! I also get to see my baby via ultrasound next Wed which should be fun. Oh ya, I'm so forgetful. I keep phoning the wrong people and saying the wrong words and I'm not making much sense. So if I said something ridiculous above, just ignore it:)


  1. Kai is a total prodigy! So impressed with his letter/spelling/word skills.

    Would you send me the goods on the remote shutter release... that has Christmas Present written all over it!

    Praying for you throughout the remainder of your pregnancy!

  2. Diddo on the enjoying-the-sisters dinner-part...if only we could've eaten earlier!!

  3. ps-VERY excited to see the new addition to the Chapmans family!!!!!