Saturday, November 15, 2008

Night on the Town

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Yesterday afternoon, I brought Kai to my sister's for a sleepover and then I picked up Gary from work and we headed downtown. We have not been away overnight, the two of us without Kai, ever. I had booked a nice hotel room and the plan was to eat good food and walk around and maybe take some pictures. Gary and I have the most fun together when we are active; running, biking, hiking etc. Therefore, me waddling down the street in the rain made me realize that it was not going to be as fun as it could be. The hotel room did have a soaker tub which was highest on my priority list and was very much enjoyed. We had a good evening walking around and eating and then....I had the worst night sleep ever. The mattress was too soft and I awoke at 2am with painful sciatic nerve pain. My entire left hip was numb down to my knee. I was awake with the pain until 4 am when contractions started. I never had Brackston Hicks contractions with Kai so I wasn't sure if that was what it was, or, if I had gone into labour. It felt just like when I went into labour with Kai but I decided to time it and wait and see what happened. I had no other indicators...just the contractions. The contractions came every 8-10 minutes and lasted about 20 seconds long. My entire abdomen would harden and it wasn't painful, just uncomfortable. I was even breathing differently throughout them. This happened for 1.5 hours. Then, I decided to take a shower. I just wanted to go home. I climbed into bed after my shower and had 3 more contractions and then I feel asleep for 2 hours so I guess they stopped on their own. Apparently taking a shower and drinking water can help so good thing that is what I did. I didn't have good ole google with me to tell me to do that! Gary was unaware of what had happened, even though I had talked to him (and he had responded) throughout the night. This morning we walked around gas town (yay, it stopped raining!) and then decided to come home and watch the B.C. Lions game. Kai had a great time without us, except was unable to fall asleep in the same room as Ani. He ended up in the playpen in Maria and Kris' room.
Currently, my left hip is still in pain. I am exhausted. I'm happy to be home. Before I left, our secret santa couple (each of my 4 sisters and their significant other have a secret santa couple in our family) gave us gift #1 which was the book `The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work'. I've just finished principle #1 and it seems good so far! Anyway, it had some good `getting to know you questions' in it that I tried to casually ask Gary so he didn't suspect that it was homework from the book. Reading a book like this is something I enjoy but the only participation done by Gary is me summarizing the good stuff for him. Please know that Gary and I really did enjoy spending time together and hopefully in the summer we will be able to plan some fun day dates that include hiking and biking!!!


  1. glad you had a getaway! sorry you had such a rotten sleep...
    I remember at about 34 weeks, so a few weeks past your stage but close, I had a night like that (minus the sciatica), where the contractions woke me up and I had to breathe thru them and stuff. Freaked me out.
    It could simply be your body getting ready to give birth (not knowing you're booked for the 2nd, of course! :-), or it could be the sciatic nerve pain triggering contractions. There are so many nerve plexus (what's the plural of plexus? You're a science teacher! Plexi?) in the body, that I wouldn't be surprised if a nerve as big as that sciatic nerve were interwoven with some uterine nerves as well.
    Hope your back feels better soon! Crummy.
    Can't wait to meet your baby!!

  2. Ms. Dekens!!! I dont know if I have told you this before, but I really enjoy reading your blog...its like being in your Bio class all over again, SO great! hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well, how exciting!