Wednesday, November 12, 2008

January 2nd

This is going to be random so I'll break it into sections...which is a great segue into....

Today the doctor that is doing my C-section called to say that they have finalized the date of January 2nd. When I hung up the phone, I cried. Why? It just makes it so much more real that we are having a baby in 7 weeks! I can't believe that our family will be forever altered, I will have a newborn, I will have surgery....7 weeks. I had a doctor appt today with my regular doctor and he said that it seems like the baby still has lots of room in there (which seems so CRAZY!). He thinks I will have a 10lb baby but I think that with it being born a week earlier than Kai, it will only be 9lbs 2oz if a boy and 8 lbs 12oz if a girl. That's my guess:) My weight is good so far with 21lbs gain at 31 weeks. Generally you just gain a lb per week from this point on so I should end up with less than a 30lb gain but I doubt it!!! I've had a really bad headache these past two days and I know I can take tylenol but I'm so hesitant to take anything.

(Gary has some crazy facial hair growing cuz its `no shave november' at school)

We took Kai swimming this weekend and he was a superstar!!! He used to be so afraid of the water but he shocked me. He walked right in to his chest right away and then actually ended up swimming holding onto Gary's neck and another time, holding onto a kick board. I was sooooo proud of him. His favourite part was the shower afterwards, he would've stayed in there for hours! I think I will try to go swimming once a week, I need to get into better shape!!! We had him in Sunday school again this week and he is getting better but boy, I hope its just his age and not him, he has a hard time sitting still. Who am I kidding, he DOESN'T sit still. I took him to story time at the library today and the only time he listened is when they sang and danced to shake their sillies out. I saw all these other boys his age sitting intently in the front row listening. Maybe they were all 3? Maybe boys settle down at some point? If not, we have a very definite hands on learner who is VERY different from me.

I told him the other day that I liked Super Why (Super Readers) because its a show that's good for him by helping him read etc. Yesterday he saw `The Mole Sisters' on tv and he said `Mommy, this show is good for me!'. He thinks the moles are so funny. He has really started filling his sentences out. Before, he might have said `Where's the neighbours?' but now he says `I wonder where the neighbours are?'. He LOVES capital letters and will read anyone's shirt with writing on it or any sign that we pass on a walk. He doesn't know many lower case letters, he saw an `i' and said `Mommy, there's an exclamation mark!'. Not bad. Not bad. He asked how the moon stays in the sky and I was so tempted to launch into gravity and inertia and instead, I gave the Sunday school answer `God keeps it up there!'. He says he will wear underwear after the baby is here. Hmmmmm....he is so aware of all his bodily functions...`Mommy, I'm going to poop!' `Mommy, I'm peeing!'. He is so aware but does not want to leave the comfort of his diaper. I really want to be patient and not push it. Maybe its easier to change diapers than to clean up messes all over the place??

(Gary with his serious face...kinda makes me giggle)
1. I really want the baby in utero to stay safe and healthy.
2. I'm nervous about my marriage once the baby comes.
3. I'm nervous about recovering from the C-section.
4. I really want to bond with the baby right away. Last time with Kai, it took months.
5. Gary's basketball practices have started now...3 nights a week. It is taking a toll on me and I'm nervous about what this will look like when the baby comes. He has a tournament when the baby is just one week old. Gary loves it. He is needed. I support him in it. We just need to figure out some way to make it a bit easier at home during this time:) I think I've just had it too easy in the sense that Gary could be home by 4pm each night and now he's gone through dinner/bed time for Kai etc.
6. My greatest worry is that I will get breast cancer. I feel like it is inevitable. My mom was so healthy in all aspects and I believe that it was mostly genetic. I have 4 sisters. There's a huge probability that one of us will get it. I know I would fight it with all I had but I would never trust that it was gone. I think that in 5 years or so, I will look into testing for the BRAC 1 and 2 genes and consider the various options. It's not that I'm afraid of death but I don't want to leave my babies and I wouldn't want Gary to have to raise them without me. This fear/worry does not affect my day to day but its always there, in the back of my mind.
Well, I better get back to my marking and the never ending pile of it. I have harder to manage classes this year so I give them a lot of work to be collected in hopes that they will stay more on task. SEVEN more weeks folks. January 2nd. He/She should be the oldest in their class which Gary thinks will be good for his/her basketball skills or something.


  1. Anonymous10:35 PM

    If I can say one thing to encourage you with your worries it is this. God is bigger than all of them. Just give it to Him!

  2. Wow! You know your baby's birthday now! Praying with you that the rest of your pregnancy is safe and healthy. :-)

  3. I am excited to meet the little guy on Jan 2nd. I am betting a little boy....9 lbs, 6 oz.

  4. Praying supernatural peace over you in your worries, Louise.