Sunday, November 23, 2008


Here are just a few things I'd like to document for the day:

1. Kai went to Sunday school all by himself!!! I'm so proud of him. Gary and I had taken turns over the last 3 weeks to go in there and just help out in the class and today I let Kai know that he would be going on his own. Gary went and peaked on him 3 times (I know, I'm so crazy) and he was doing what he was supposed to (sitting quietly listening, playing etc). Apparently he did cry once when someone else took his puzzle and he asked the teacher for Bubbi (the teacher thought he wanted a puppy). Also, he was saddened that they did not sing `Deep and Wide', his new favourite song. Overall, he was very proud of himself and I was so proud of him too!!! Maybe he sits and listens when I'm not around!! Woohoo!! My boy is growing up!! Again he said yesterday that he will start wearing underwear once the baby is here. He came up with that timeline all on his own, we'll see how it goes!!
2. Love (not at all) no shave November. The school/staff is doing this right now and all the men look so gruffy. I wouldn't mind so much except Gary is not shaving his neck either which I think looks a bit icky:) At the end of the month they will all create gross mustaches and whatever else they can think of doing. Please note how red Gary's is. He used to have bright red hair and that is why I was surprised when Kai was born that he did not have red hair:)
3. 33 weeks pregnant. I wanted to document my stretch marks thus far which are kind of hard to see in this pic....I thought I would not get any new ones as this baby will be born a week earlier. However, throughout the week, i have gained some new ones already so the `fun' is just beginning. This picture is to remind me of how it was at 33 weeks...This baby kept me up until 1:30am this morning. It keeps turning sideways on me which turns my entire belly into a donut. Seriously, the belly button portion becomes concave as its head and bum press out on my sides.
In the past 2 days, I've had 3 people say I look small. I'm sorry, but I'm not. Some how saying that I'm small doesn't make me feel validated for my waddling and discomfort. So, feel free to say I'm huge. It makes me feel better:) By the way, our pastor and his wife (not my bro-in-law, the other one) said that I looked beautiful being pregnant. That was really nice. They've said it for the past 2 weeks. No one really says that you look beautiful, they just say `good' (meaning not as swollen and puffy as you could be) or small or big. Beautiful. Made me feel beautiful. Tell a pregnant woman (no, not me, I'm not fishing for it!) that she looks beautiful:)
Funny things (okay, maybe not funny, just conversations) Kai has said this week:
1. We drive past a large water fountain that has not been working for the past month or so.
Kai: `Mommy, the water fountain is broken, we should fix it!'
Me: `I don't know how to'
Kai: `I can do it mommy, I will find the button!'
2. I was going to the bathroom...we may do this with the door open in our house...
Kai: `Mommy, do you want some privacy?'
Me: `What do you think Kai?'
Kai: `I think you should mommy. You should.'
3. We have a Busytown book with characters Hilda, Pig Will and Pig Won't...
Me: Kai, time for breakfast! Come here!
Kai: Mommy, I'm not Kai. I'm not Pig will, I'm not pig won't, I'm Hilda!!!
He had us calling him Hilda all day. Oh boy. HOpe that one doesn't stick!


  1. So cute! Nope, not small. Not huge either, IMO. Just right.
    Def. agree with the beautiful comment!

  2. Your belly looks big; the rest of you looks 'good'! :)
    Onion is soo cute!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing him no longer in diapers!! I hope he keeps to his word! :)

  3. Anonymous7:23 PM

    last time i watched kai he wanted me to read "pig will, pig wont" over and over. he kept asking "who's this?" "who's that?". What a great read! way to look hot being prego's! keep my little nephew-to-be (my guess) nice and healthy!