Saturday, November 08, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Oh wow. I'm finding it difficult thinking of things to do to keep Kai active while it is pouring outside. I am unable to chase after/carry him so a lot of places are off limits. This morning at 8am we went to Clayton Park for a `hike' (I always tell him its a hike and he thinks he is so grown up!). It was beautiful with all the leaves and we walked for about half an hour before the rain started up again. We might go swimming this afternoon but I have to wait til Gary comes home because I'm not chasing Kai all over a slippery deck. If I let him, Kai would now watch tv all day. This kind of freaks me out. I have to admit that I have been letting him watch more and more as it has been raining so much and I have been more and more tired. The basement now has a lot more fun stuff like a Foosball and pool table (mini ones, perfect for his size) that we had hidden in a corner. He does like playing them but then we have to (get to?) play with him. Have you ever played foosball with a 2 year old??? So frustrating.
I would say one other downfall of being trapped at home all day is that I notice all the crumbs/dirt/baseboards that need to be dusted etc. A messy house drives me crazy and the longer I'm at home, the messier it seems. Well, Kai is chatting away in his bed so I'm going to sit down and get back to my book, `The Long Walk; the true story of a trek to freedom' about a man who escaped a Soviet labour camp.

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  1. Eyech! I hate rainy days too, and they are that much worse when you have to entertain a toddler! Some stuff that has helped me survive:
    WGCC has a drop in play time called "tot romp" which costs $4 and lasts an hour and a half and is worth EVERY CENT, tuesday a.m. from 10:30 to 12, thursdays a.m. from 9:30 to 11:00.
    Go Bananas
    Guildford Mall has a free, indoor, toddlers' playground
    Play group at my church (which we're looking for new members for?? If you're interested...)
    Play dates with other moms (I'm a mom! I hate the rain too! Let's get together)
    and then the home days don't seem so long, especially when you have play doh, cookie making, colouring, lego, building toys, crafts, and cranium kids games for rainy days.
    And finally, puddle pants which make possible outdoor rainy play.