Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Family Pictures

This afternoon we took a few pictures downstairs as the weather outside was terrible. Here are some pictures of our baby Chapman in utero...we're at 31.5 weeks now!

Okay, I know I look ridiculous in the picture below but it was a very funny moment. I asked Kai to touch my belly button and he said that it was not a belly button, it looked more like a part of the male anatomy! (I def. have a VERY outtie belly button at this point!)

Hi baby brother or sister!

Good ole timer (Kai, smile at the camera and you get a smartie!) Gary said we should get a remote for the camera and I said for sure...until he told me it cost about $200!

(The weird mark above my weird belly button is from my old belly button ring which shall never be worn again:))

(Kai's saying `Mighty Machines' to make himself smile)


  1. love the pictures! what a nice thing to do on a rainy day!

  2. Love the outie story! Kai is such a funny kid!

  3. Aw!! Very cute little onion...lookin' forward photos of the wee one in January!!

  4. the belly button story is hilarious!

    You look great, I love to see the beautiful and bountiful belly!

    The photo of Gary and your belly is very touching.

    Still suffering from camera envy.

  5. They are all great! Your stories of Kai always make me laugh.

  6. great pictures!!! you look awesome :)

  7. You look gorgeous!