Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sleepover Friends

Trisha might be a little upset about the lack of `hotness' of her in this picture but I thought this was a cute moment. Trisha has to design a website for a course and Gary just so happens to teach it, so here he is, teaching Trisha grade 9 curriculum. Trish just commented on how grade 9's in her day just did typing tutor. She was trying to pay Gary to hire a student to do it for her, but, Gary could not be persuaded. Here Trish, I'll put a cute pic of you from tonight below to make up for the one above:)
Today we went to Jan and Doug's new house in Mission. Here I am with 3 of my sis'. The ones on the far left are getting married in July and August.
Ani and Kai in their jammies. Ani came by at noon and is currently sleeping over! These two have a special relationship, they love eachother but they def. have their arguments. Two kids this age is def. easy to manage as long as Gary is around:) I really hope that one day we can have another!

Jan and Doug; happy new house owners.
The housewarming party had a `wild' start as Gary and Tyler found the game boys...
Ani and Kai eating their favourite...PIZZA!
The highlight of the night included playing basketball. The second we pulled up, it was hard to get Kai in the house because he had spotted a full size basketball net. We played with a flat basketball for a good half hour. Ani had tons of fun too...she loved playing monkey in the middle (she was the monkey) and loved watching us shoot. Times like this, I wish we had a real yard and a driveway!
Kai playing a little defense

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