Friday, March 21, 2008

Days 5-7: Ucuelet!

On Wednesday morning we left at about 9am to head to Ucuelet/Tofino. We visited my oma and uncle Al in Port Alberni on the way. Oma turned 85 years old this week! We arrived in Ucuelet at about 4:00pm. We decided to stay in Ucuelet instead of Tofino because we'd never stayed there before. The view below is of the harbour, right outside our hotel room.

As soon as we got to Ucuelet, we got set up in our hotel and out we went to `hike' the lighthouse loop of the Wild Pacific Trail. I was so pumped that Kai was doing well in the backpack and we were motoring along. And then, after just 15 minutes, he really got sick of sitting (makes sense, we were travelling all day). So once we finished all the stairs, Kai was running alongside us. He did a great job. He was huffing and puffing purposely and saying `go, go, go'.

(Do you like his new jacket? It's a size 4 and was meant for next winter but it was just perfect!)
Beautiful views along the way

We went out for some yummy pizza on Wed was a West Coast Supreme one. Yummy smoked salmon:)

We were so pumped on Thursday to get to the beach and see that we had it to ourselves and to see that it was sunny!!!
As soon as he saw the beach, he just ran and ran and wouldn't stop. Those blue boots were motoring!

We did the bog walk. It was one of those interpretive trails that I detested as a child, and now Gary and I are actually interested in them. Kai did the whole trail by himself. It was just 1km but still, way to go Kai! Here is he touching a `broccoli tree' (really a shorepine). They grow short and out because of lack of phosphorus.

On Thursday night we went back to the trail to walk out to the lighthouse but it was pretty wet and windy. Kai kept saying `Bye ocean. Hotel.' He really wanted to get back indoors!
We ate dinner at Driftwoods where we had salmon and halibut burgers. Kai learned that he loves friest dipped in ketchup. He would dip it and then suck the ketchup off. He really loves `pies' (fries).
On the way home today, we stopped in Parksville so that Kai could run around before hopefully sleeping on the ferry (he didn't). I just wanted to include this picture because he is concentrating and sticking his tongue out. This is exactly what Gary does.
The park we played at was larger than Kai has ever seen, he was pretty pumped. There were also a million dogs...he would just run from one to the next. I really think we need to get him a small dog that doesn't shed.
We went straight from the ferry to Easter dinner (and the Easter Egg Hunt) at Gramma and Grampa Chapmans house. Kai had fun collecting the eggs but he just wanted to play basketball with them. Here he found an egg on the hoop!
Kai with his cousin Kieryn. She is the closest in age to Kai on the Chapman side so it is cute to see them playing together. Kai now can say all of their names, even though T-bone (Theo) sounds like `Nemo'.
Well, time to unpack a little practice tomorrow!

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