Saturday, March 15, 2008


This is how the first day of spring break went (I'll just start with Friday):
1. Last night I went out for coffee with friends...felt good to get out after a BUSY week.
2. I have to say that the last day of work was pretty fun as all week we have had a standing long jump competition going on in the staff room. When is the last time you did a standing long jump? I made sure that I wore runners on Friday and I ended up with a 2nd place finish in the female divison. I'm looking forward to the arm wrestling competition which I'm sure/hoping will be next!
2. This morning I carpooled with two friends to football practice. We did drills and scrimmaged in the rain for 1.5 hours and it was great. Love the outdoors. Love sports. Love being with friends.
3. Came home and ate lunch with Gary and then played with Kai. That kid is FABULOUS.
4. Auntie Jackie came over to babysit so Gary and I could go to Vancouver! First we went to visit Lynette and Bryan. Then we went to Salathai...The Thai Restaurant downtown. We had gift certificates from JAckie and Tyler for Christmas so we went all out with appies, entrees, drinks, and dessert. It was yummy!!
5. Went to Ikea where we bought some fun stuff...a litle train set for Kai, pizza know, random stuff.
So that was day one, loved it! Below is a picture of my hair today. I dyed it over a week ago and it is a wash out one so it is almost all gone, but, I thought I should at least get a picture of it sort of darker. Only 3 people noticed it so next time i'm going darker!


  1. Anonymous2:17 AM

    Who beat you in the standing long jump?
    I like the darker hair - looks good on you.
    Hope the rest of your Spring Break is awesome!

  2. Anonymous11:50 AM

    lou your hair looks hot;) almost as good as when your youngest and coolest sister streaked if for ya