Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pg. 123

I got tagged to turn to page 123 in the nearest book and write out sentences 5, 6 and 7. Well, the nearest book to me is the Science 9 always sits here next to the computer, ready to go for some lesson planning (new curriculum this year so I can't use my old stuff). So here goes a little info on the cell:

The mitochondria are organelles that are specialized to provide energy for cells by changing sugar called glucose into usable energy. The chemical reactions that occur on the many folds of the inner membrane of the mitochondria provide energy to the cell. Plant cells have specialized organelles called chloroplasts that trap the enrgy from the Sun and make glucose.

I tag: Maria VT, Maria sis, Jackie and Jan:)


  1. I thought it would be fun to write out lines 5, 6 and 7 from page 123 of the nearest book to me....

    "Traditional diaper pails or Diaper Genies may be too small to accomodate your multiples' diaper output. If you like the convenience of these odor-reducing products, you may need to invest in two or three. They're useless without the odor-reducing liners, so be sure to stock up on these products too."

    That is just what I was thinking earlier today as I changed a million diapers! :)

  2. "How pleasant that you could join us," the hooke-handed man said in a sickly sweet voice. Violet immediately tried to scurry back down the rope, but Count Olaf's assistant was too quick for her. In one movement he hoisted her into the tower toom and with a flick of his hook, sent her rescue device clanging to the ground.
    ~ The Bad Beginning~ Lemony Snicket

  3. I know that I wasn't specifically 'tagged' but I thought that I would join in anyway. Here goes:

    "This passage is often taken to mean that the people have given silver and gold as offerings to the god Baal; however usually only agricultural products and livestock (that which has life) were given as oblations, not silver and gold (at least in the Yahwistic cult). A better interpretation is perhaps that the silver and gold have been used for the making of a baal, that is, a god or idol as in Hos.8.4b: "there silver and gold they fashioned into images for themselves" (cf. Hos.13.2; Ezek.1617; Exod.32.1-4)."

    I'm sorry that out of all my books I happened to have "Woman's Body and the Social Body in Hosea" next to me. A fun game nonetheless.

  4. "I have to thank Dr. James Dobson for helping me see the problem with my approach in his book called "What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew about Women." He gave me the fist inkling that the house was more than a house; the chair was more than a chair; the gutters were moret han just gutters; and the half-painted recreation room was more than a room missing some paint. To my amazement, he taught me that the chair was Barb. The gutters were Barb. The unfinished recreation room was Barb. These were incredible thoughts, but they turned out to be true."

    I know a bit more sentences than required, but then it makes more sense. From Men: Some Assembly Required. A Woman's Guide to Understanding Her Man. By Chuck Snyder.