Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Last couple days

Wow, I wish Spring Break lasted forever. I will try not to rub it in, but, it's amazing. Gary gets up with Kai at 7:30 am and I sleep til 8:30am. Amazing. I have been able to do this about 3 times and I have dreamt about it for over a year and a half (sorry Dana!). In the daytime, so much easier when Gary and I can take care of the house and Kai together. I feel so happy and energetic.

Yesterday we went to Costco and I got some great capris. Gary does not like capris and so when we first got married, I never wore them. But now, too bad! So, if you are looking for a good, flattering pair, check them out. They are the Gasoline brand ones for $19.99:)

I wanted to post a video of Kai but our video camera is not digital so it takes a bit more work to upload. Suddenly he's learning so much. We go through the alphabet and count to 10. If I say `1', he will say `2' and we will rotate back and forth up to 10. I can't wait to teach him how to spell and read etc. I used to love teaching my sisters by playing school so hopefully Kai is cool with mommy playing school with him! I've noticed he can't say `t', it comes out as `p'. It's pretty amazing the way they watch your mouth form the sounds and then copy it. Sponges they are.

He is def. very tired these days and I don't know if its all the talking that he's been doing (processing it etc) or if he is on the verge of getting sick. He's also been quite cuddly saying `hold you' (because i used to ask `do you want me to hold you').

I asked Gary to contribute some words to the blog about spring break or any thoughts and at first he said `My wife is hot' and then I made him think of something else. He just said that he is enjoying a balance of getting stuff done and relaxation. Gary seems to really have gotten into Starcraft and solitaire. He would like me to point out that he hasn't been playing that much:)

I finished reading `Into the Wild'. It was okay, maybe the movie will be better? I found that the story was too much about other people that had died or come close to dying in the great outdoors. Oh well, not bad. I'm now readying a book about understanding men. I'll let you know if I find out anything interesting:) It's called `Men: Some Assembly Required. A Woman's Guide to Understanding Her Man'. By Chuck Snyder.

We pretty much finished Kai's big boy room. He won't be moving in there for a few months but he's pretty pumped about all the balls in there. We did a sort of sporty theme and tried not to make it too young so that he can use the room as he gets older. You need to understand that our son is CRAZY about balls. We play pass, catch, bounce, try to hit the ceiling, count them etc. all day long!
The sporty clock
The sporty pillows
Please note that his stereo is mine that I bought with my own money in grade's 15 years old and still works all right:) He loves the hockey stick on the wall, its not really what I wanted but I wanted a sporty-ish shelf for his name...I'll work on it. He just goes into the room, points at it and says `hockey stick. wow!' There is a basketball piggy bank and mirror on the shelf too:)
He loves to name every ball up there and particularly loves the basketball.
I used to scrapbook in this room so I got a free desk off of craigslist and stuck it in our bedroom. I hope it doesn't look sloppy but now I still have a place to get away. I'm not a wild scrapbooker. My goal is to make it nicer than a photo album, not spend more than 15 minutes on a page and not too spend too much money on fun scrapbooky things. So, real scrapbookers would prob. not include me as a scrapbooker but i enjoy it.


  1. Kai's room looks FANTASTIC!!!! You should add an interior design division to your business. I'm very impressed.

    I'm also impressed with all of the words and alphabet/number skills Kai has.

    So glad spring break is being so great to your family. Fun fun fun! There's nothing better than being all together.

  2. kai's room looks awesome! love the stripes and the ball theme :) definately a room that he can grow into!

    glad you're enjoying spring break; i am slightly jealous...i think regular working people should get one too! haha :)

    i scrap book similar to you. nothing hard core, just make things look nicer in a simple way, while not having to go all out spending money. so i consider you a scrapbooker :)

  3. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I showed Mike this post and he is loving Kai's new bedroom. I think that he is seriously considering a sports makeover for OUR room, not Finn's!