Tuesday, March 18, 2008


1. Yesterday Kai had his chicken pox shot and he did wonderfully. They just blew bubbles right afterwards and he loved it. He also liked that he got a `sticker' (bandaid) afterwards.
2. We had a photo shoot with my friend Terri and that was fun to do, and, Noah did so well.
3. We had care group (6 couples from our church that meet every Monday) last night and Kai refused to sleep there so he was up til 9:30pm. Gary got to play `Rock Band' for the first time and he was pretty pumped.

(This big bear is usually in the basement but Kai had a fun time playing/wrestling with it today)
4. Gary went to the dentist today to get part 1 of his root canal done.
5. Kai and I went to the park and we ran into the girls from his first daycare. He loves those girls and they love him. It's so cute to see him so excited to see them.
6. We sold a couple things on craigslist:)
7. Packing for our trip to Ucuelet/Tofino!! Woohoo!
(Opi and Kai having some down time at the end of a busy day..well, not really, they were wrestling but here is a moment of relaxation)
8. Reading: I finished `28 Stories of AIDS in Africa' and I'm halfway through `The Shack'.

Currently Gary and Kai are watching basketball...oh boy, March madness already? Kai loves trying to shoot the ball into the lampshade which he is not allowed to do. Fortunately, it only makes it halfway to the big light at this point:)

One last thing, Kai loves to watch juggling (guggle) or any attempt of it. Have a good evening!

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  1. sounds like you're thorooughly enjoying spring break! enjoy tofino! love it there :)