Monday, March 24, 2008

Our weekend according to Kai

Mommy football (I had football practice on Sat). Church (On Sunday). Bible (He just started learning the B-I-B-L-E song). J-dog. Basketball (Cousin Jayden played basketball with him at church). Nathan pass (I'm assuming he played pass with the only other boy in the nursery). Trisha owie (we played `ring around the rosey', a new fav., and Trisha fell down a bit too hard). Door went up (he loves pushing the garage door button, this is his first 3 word sentence!). Jackie puzzle (whenever Jackie visits, out comes the puzzle). Cheese (Mommy and daddy got their cameras out). Ani. Bailey. Maria (Kai went to visit Ani).

(a picture from the Island just to break the writing up)

He really has been starting to talk about his day and its so cute. I had football on Saturday which was fun. Our first game is just 2 weeks away.

Yesterday we went to church and before the service started there were probably about 40 balls of all sizes all over the gym and Kai was in heaven. I found that reading `The Shack' last week gave me a little bit of a different perspective on Easter. This fictional book is about a dad whose little girl went missing and was never found. He gets a note from God to meet him at the shack (where his daughter was killed) and there he spends the weekend with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It talks about sin, pain, loss, love and our relationship with Him. I would recommend it particulary for those that have experienced loss. It gave a cool perspective on another reason why we pray and talk to God if he already knows what's going on anyway. Why do I sit there and have a conversation with Kai repeating what I already know he's done in very simple words, back and forth...its part of building our relationship and being in that moment together.

Last night we taped up Kai's big boy room to paint a few stripes, here is the before picture. I'll wait til the room is set up to show you how it looks. He's not moving into this room yet but we just had time now to do it, so why not?!

Today we dropped Kai off at Ani's while we did an engagement shoot for my sister Jackie and her man Tyler. I love taking pictures AND its fun that Gary and I can do it together. Kai had a blast at Ani's and did not want to go home. It does help that he loves Maria and their dog Bailey.

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