Tuesday, March 04, 2008

19 months!

Pics with (auntie) Trisha...he loves his auntie Trisha. Whenver he sees his hockey stick, he says `hockey. Trisha.'.

I just realized he turned 19 months yesterday. Let's see, I'll list some stats for my little guy:
Weight: 30lbs
Size: Wears 24 month clothes (although his toes have poked through the ends of his 24 month pj's already!)
New Words: wow, everything really. He will attempt any word. Most commonly heard words lately are: toots (shoots), bounce, baseball, basketball, windime (windchime), sky, thyme, regano (oregano), lini (tortellini), money...okay, I think I have to stop listing his words because there are just too many. He has really started saying more than one word together so he will say `eight balls' (he wanted to take 8 to bed, i said one!), `hi daddy' `oh kai' `up please'
New Activities: this month he really started shooting the basketball, `colouring', climbing the stairs to the slide and going down alone, he loves to do the same scooby puzzle over and over (really, i do it all, he gets to put the last piece in). OVERALL, i would say his favourite activity is helping mommy and daddy, especially in the kitchen. He got to make spinach salad with Gary on Sunday which meant Gary gave him the spinach and he put it in the sink and washed it:) He loves to help mommy. That is another thing he will say over and over `help mommy'. He helps put the tupperware away when we do the dishwasher, he gets his own shoes and he helps to clean up.
Mystery word: he says `NooNa' a couple times a day at random times and I have no idea what he is saying. He doesn't point at anything, its like he's thinking of something. The way he says clean up is `NeeNa' so its similar. He thinks its funny that I don't get it, so that's good, as long as he isn't frustrated. ANY IDEAS???
Health: super bad cough the last 4 nights. He has cuddled with me for at least an hour from 11-midnight (I hold him upright to help him breath) and last night he was in our bed til 2am. I am not well rested. He actually does seem rested in the day.
I love this little guy so, so much. If we want to get the best hug from him ever, Gary and I hug and he HAS to be part of it. It is very cute. Love him. Love him. Love him. More and more each day. Wow, does it ever plateau? If not, I have no idea what it will feel like in a few years. Maybe he will get annoying and whiny and have temper tantrums, that will probably help:)


  1. He really cracks me up! All those words! (19 months or 17 months? You said two different things ... pretty sure it's 19, right?)

  2. Keep an eye on him. This is the time of year that kids get hit with seasonal asthma (generally virus-induced). Watch when he breathes, particularly around the time that he's coughing. If you can see his skin pulling in around the ribs, take him to a doctor. Quentin and Jade each get it and it lasts about a month/month and a half every year at this time. I have another friend whose son got it as well this year. It's particularly common if the child was on antibiotics in their first year.

    Take care,

  3. He loves Auntie Maria too! (Okay maybe Ani more, but that is okay.)Trish you look hot, as always!