Saturday, March 29, 2008

Late night post

Wow. When was the last time I was up at 12:30am? For some reason I can't sleep. I went out for coffee tonight but I did ask for decaf. I just ate a piece of pizza because who doesn't get hungry if they are up at 12:30am?! I better be brief and try going to sleep again.

Let's see. Yesterday I went to the dentist and my teeth are perfect, yay! We also went to the park and hung out with family. Today we woke up and went straight out to Mission. Gary used to be a painter so he was able to help my sister by cutting in and rolling the stairwell that had extremely high ceilings. Gary is quite the pro, he doesn't need to tape anything (well, except when we did the stripes in Kai's room). While there, Kai and I played with their dog Repo. No offense, but I am kinda scared of their dog so we tried to play behind the sliding door as much as possible (as opposed to actually touching him in the backyard). When we were in the backyard, Kai had no fear and ran giggling towards Repo, trying to take the ball out of his mouth.

Then, my lil sis Trisha came over for some more web page help from Gary while I snuck off to Michaels. Fun, Fun! Then, we made a stop at Superstore because all their dark furniture was 50% off. Our living area is not the largest and the clutter of toys really stresses me out. We want toys hidden when not in use and all our school work in appropriate places so we bought a bench with storage and also a new bookshelf. Gary does not like high bookshelves so I think he is pleased with the one we got.
(Ani and Kai sitting on the new bench)
I would also like to point out that we had mac and cheese for lunch, and not a homemade one! We NEVER have it because Gary doesn't like it and I know its so wrong, but, it was soooooo good:)
Kai putting the dowels in, what is cuter than a son helping his dad with a little project?! He just kept saying `Help daddy'. He loves it when we ask for help:)
(He was pretty focussed)
I've been reading my book about understanding men and I can't say that I've learned a whole lot but I do see now that Gary is def. a guy and I'm def. a girl. Here are a couple of comparisons that I've thought of that are not in the book. If I say `Gary, could you put some bird feed in the birdfeeder?' (he's taller, he gets stuck with these jobs), I will think to myself, `That means, get off the couch immediately and do it now' and he thinks `I will get it done next time I see a bird there unable to get food'. I have now learned to say `Gary my sweetie pie (or something like that),by the end of the day, can you make sure that there is birdfeed in the feeder?' This has helped our relationship a lot. Secondly, I take great joy in paying with exact change. I love it! I love getting rid of all those pennies and nickels. Now, I understand that Gary doesn't carry change but we do have some in our car. If we are in a drive thru, he will just give a $20.00 bill. What about all that change??? He puts all the extra change in a glass on our desk. Why? I don't know, but apparently I am not allowed to take the toonies and loonies out so that in 10 years he can bring it all to the bank or something. Finally, I need recognition. I will say (out loud) `Wow Louise, those floors look clean!' and `Louise, that dinner was so good!' Not sure why, but I need to make sure that he notices all I do. I think we have learned to be more appreciative and thankful of eachother. Last week, I wanted him to recognize that I do thank him so i did a little drumroll before I said thanks each time, just to make it stand out more. I think he realized I do appreciate him. He's great. I'm a lucky girl. Wow, just about 1am...who am I? I know that tomorrow I will be tired!!!

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