Sunday, December 23, 2007

Revised Tradition

Happy 23rd birthday Jackie!!

Every year for our birthdays, we always have our favourite meal. For Jackie, this was always KFC. This year we went healthier and Gary made some Pad Thai and some funky spring rolls with peanut sauce. Then, as usual, we went bowling. This year, Trisha got the highest score, then my dad (who knew he could bowl?!) and then me!!! Please note that my dad only beat me by one point.
Kai found the whole process very facinating and kept doing his `touchdown' imitation. He was running all over the place and having a blast!
Opi kept the younger ones occupied
Everytime a ball came back up, Ani did a happy dance
Gary teaching Kai (sorry its out of focus, we got a new fancy lens today and Gary changed some settings on me..have to figure it out!)
The very nerdy Dekens team

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  1. please note that Louise is the one wanting posed pics...I prefer "normal" ones :o) Sorry we missed Jackie's dinner, but bowling was good times :o)