Monday, December 03, 2007

16 months

*If you dont' want to hear about puking, skip this whole section!!*

What a night! I went in to check on Kai at 3am because he was fussing and it was disgusting. Puke everywhere. I got him out of bed and he continued to puke on the carpet (I really wasn't thinking about moving him off the carpet). I woke Gary up (which actually took a while!) and he helped by stripping the bed and doing the laundry. Why was the laundry important? Well, after he puked the 3rd time in the bathroom, I put him in the bath and all he did was cry for Bubi (his blankie). It made me cry because all he wanted in that extreme discomfort was his blankie and it needed to be washed. It was really hard watching him be that sick. Gary and I cuddled with him in front of the fireplace for an hour while we waited for Bubi. He puked again. You need to understand that this puking was not pretty. I know that no puking is nice, but this was extra difficult because at this point there wasn't much but bile to come up. Sorry for all the details but ya, I could give you more:) So, I had to call in sick for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. I hate calling in sick. I'd like to go to work. It's extra work when you go back but anyway, gotta/want to take care of the little guy. Fortunately no puking this morning, just cranky and not eating. I slept a grand total of 2 hours last night and Kai missed a lot of sleep too so I hope he has a nice long nap, I put him down early! Last night I said to Gary that we shouldn't have any more kids. What if they were sick at the same time? More people to love=more potential hurt from seeing them struggle/suffer. I know we do want more but still, there is a risk of something seriously bad happening too. Please don't think I'm a `negative nelly', I've had a few bad surprises in my life already. I called the 24 hour nurse and she said not to give him anything for one hour, oops, we had given him water and up it came. Well, hope he's going to have a good nap and feel better soon! I'm nervous to check on him and see a disaster in the crib. It was really nice having 2 people to conquer the mess last night. He ended up falling asleep in my arms in the recliner around 4:30 am...I had to cough so badly but tried to hold it in as long as possible to ensure a good transfer to the bed. What a night.

Okay, so 16 months. What a fun age! Seriously, I think each month is better and easier and I love getting to know who he is. He's a pretty fun guy, I would be his friend!

New words: tee (teeth/toothbrush), do (shoe), hi, tookie (cookie), house, opi, mine, dirty, poo poo, pee pee

Fav. food: we're back to the banana (but he loves his cookies which are really just crackers..ha ha...tricked him!). He really eats anything, even spicy stuff!

Fav. thing to do: jump around on the couch, try to say `hi' on the phone, continuosly move blocks from one container to the next.

Personality stuff: he has started saying `mine' for a lot of things and taking off with them. He also pushed his cousin Ani the other day to get something. He throws stuff downstairs. He still loves Bailey (ani's dog) sooooooooooo much. He has a happy dance where he runs on the spot when he's happy. I love this dance. A lot. He likes the bath tub again and is wild in there. I try to get him to stay on his bum but there's no way. Sometimes we catch him reading books to himself and his blabbering away is precious. He has no interest in his baby cousin. Maybe this is good. He would prob. want to poke her eyes (he likes to poke eyes and say `eye'). He loves brushing his teeth. He doesn't do a good job of it but he could do it for an hour.

Well, I better nap. HOpefully today ends up being a a good day!!!
Below is a pic of the 3 grandkids. I wish I could get them holding Isabelle because it looks dorky with a carseat but Kai prob. would've hurt her if she was any closer (by accident of course!).

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