Monday, December 31, 2007


Just wanted to give a quick hello to all. We are in San Miguel, mexico and it is absolutely beautiful! It has been quite exhausting with Kai on the plane and then the bus and moving here and there but we are settled here for 3 days so he is loving that. We are especially loving that he had a normal night sleep last night!!! woohoo!! They should have to do 'Amazing Race' where each group must take a 17 month old, then we'd really see some crazy emotions from the groups!
We are having a great time. The weather, company, buildings, cobblestone, art work, and food is AMAZING. Can't wait to show you all of the cool pictures we got!

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  1. So great to read a post. I almost didn't check, as I keep reminding myself that you guys can't blog until the 7th. Good to hear you're still alive, and are enjoying it. (Hey you knew the traveling with a kid part wouldn't be the most enjoyable part) :)
    Have a great new years in Mexico.