Monday, December 24, 2007

Dekens Christmas

Too tired to write much but want to get it down before the Chapman Christmas tomorrow. We had an amazing dinner and apparently I won `best dish' for my citrus rum glazed ham:) It's weird to see our family expanding in so many ways with little ones and fiance's, boyfriends etc., I love it! Church is always the hardest part as we are all sitting there without my mom but it was truly a wonderful night for the group of us.
Kai opening gifts. He wasn't so into it but he LOVED his new little wagon, he was pushing it all over the house. I loved watching Ani and Kai play together, truly warms my heart. She bosses him around and he drives her crazy by not following the rules, but, they love eachother.

Usually I let Gary cook for family stuff because he loves it but I kind of insisted on doing this one on my own:)

Below, Jackie and Tyler:)

Ani in her cute dress

Bon nuit.
Seriously, just one more post tomorrow and that is it!

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  1. I like the photo of Tyler holding his love ... Mr. beer. :)
    yes, your ham was pretty good. Maybe you can work on the gravy a bit more next year! :)