Thursday, December 13, 2007

On the mend

I'm almost at 100% health again!!! Woohoo!! Still productive coughing but oh so close to healthy. Gary is almost there. Kai is a little more congested and still has some digestive issues, BUT, we are getting there! His new words; bye, hi, get-choo (from I'm going to get you!), peas (please), baba (banana), peez (pizza). I find myself really loving him more and more each day as I'm getting to know him better. Did I mention that we cut Bubi (his blankie) in half?! I didn't like him dragging around a big blanket and this is in case we lose one, there is a back up. He watched it all happening and was okay with having 2 small Bubi's. I felt a little sad about it for some reason, but all is well. Only one more week of work and then we are almost off to MEXICO!!

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