Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So cute, I said `one' (when putting one leg in his pants) and then he said `two' and we said three together (but his was `gee'). Wow, where did that come from? We did it 3 more times to make sure it wasn't a fluke. *Please note it hasn't happened since this morning* THis afternoon he watched an episode of Dora. He has never sat and watched a show for me EVER! He even said `Dora' and `backpack' without me saying it first! I'm glad that something can get him to relax for a bit!
He was not so cute yesterday. We went to care group and he refused to sleep there so he was up until 10pm. THen, he woke up crying/screaming at 1:30am. He has done this a few more times over the past few weeks. He wakes up crying like he's scared (and he was cold which doesn't make sense because his room is always at 20 degrees). He is not easily comforted by anyone or anything. He kept saying `Mmba' and I have no idea what it is. I guess he woke me up at a bad time because I was the grumpiest I have ever been with him. Usually in the night I will go in and calmly soothe him but he wasn't being soothed and I didn't know what was wrong. I yelled at him. I thought maybe that would shock him out of his crying. It did not. Wow, I was mean. We went downstairs and watched Treehouse where fortunately there was a racoon on that looked close enough to be a dog. It was called `Crazy Quilt'. Who watches that stuff at 2am?

I went this morning to bring material away to get my bridesmaid dress made. Hopefully it turns out well! Lynette's wedding is just 5 days after we return which stresses me out a bit. It will be a hectic time as well because Gary will be in a bball tournament.

I've been LOVING work lately. So nice knowing that Kai is having a good time without me and I can go and do my teacher thing. Def. loving the part time, so perfect for me.

The mad rush of everyone getting pictures done for Christmas is done so we are now a little less busy? Although, Gary's still got bball and we have to start thinking about what to pack! How does it work with only 3oz of liquid on the plane? DOes that mean Gary can take a 3oz bottle and I can take one too so that Kai gets enough milk?

Finally, I know someone mentioned to me when my mom passed away that although my mom wouldn't be here for me and my kids, hopefully I would feel my mothers words and memories while I was mothering. I really have felt these moments. This is especially strong when I wash Kai's hands. Isn't that strange? I remember that my mom would usually let the water run long enough so that the cloth was warm when she wiped our hands...I always feel like my mom when I wipe his hands. Also, I've realized that I clear my throat like she did. She did it very quietly and quite often and I've realized that I've been doing it a lot lately. Does everyone clear their throat a lot? Maybe its because I'm post cold...I don't know. Just brought back some memories. I still am sad that my number one fan is gone. My mom would've said today `How was it bringing the material away? Can I see the pattern? When will it be ready? Oh, that will look great on you' and now, I have no one caring about the little things. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, I'm just saying, that if your mom is still around, make sure you appreciate how much she really, truly, deeply cares about all the little things going on in your life!!!


  1. Hey Louise, Just checking your blog out and you can bring milk for a baby with you. They have lightened up tons on the liquid thing - I would go to yvr.ca and they will probably tell you all the new rules. Just thought I'd let you know

  2. Anonymous12:52 AM

    I got the bball covered, don't worry about it