Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas with the Chapmans

Tonight we were at the Chapmans for dinner and presents...Gary was in charge of veggies and made a great sweet potato souffle, yam fries, and savoury corn pudding. All the food was awesome.

Kai and grandma...boy, he has become more and more attached to Bubi. Also, lets just say his appetite is back in full force. Wow.

Kai wanting to play tinker toys with the big boys...

For our family, there was just one present under the tree and it was for Kai. Here he is with his super snazzy tricycle. He can't reach the pedals yet but by the summer he should be fine. He was pretty excited about the bell, the streamers on the handle and the storage bin in the back. In the meantime, it has a handle that we can use to push and turn the handlebars.

To all my faithful readers, I'm off!!! Hope you have an excellent Christmas break and I'll talk to you in the New Year!

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  1. tinkertoys...brings back memories! Have a good, restful, safe trip! :)