Friday, December 21, 2007

A blog about Gary...mostly...sort of...well, he's mentioned!

Tonight we went to grandma and grandpa Chapman's house where Kai was enthralled with the `choo choo'. Grandma has a huge Christmas village set up with a snazzy train that goes through a tunnel.

Playing piano with grandma

And now for the Gary portion!!! Gary got some birthday money today (long story:) and so he went out and bought a special camera backpack sling bag that he has been yearning for. I encouraged him to get it now, before we go on our trip. It's nice because its fully padded and can hold a lot of stuff (great, does that mean we're buying more lenses and stuff?!). I like that it has a raincover as modeled by Gary as he checks himself out in the mirror.

It nicely swings from back to front as modeled by Gary again:)

Please note his haircut, it will look good in a couple of weeks:)
Last night I got nervous about our trip.

What am I nervous about? (I am the worry wart in the family, but someone has to be!)
1. Kai going crazy on the plane (by crazy I mean wanting to run around and not able to and therefore screaming and hitting me)
2. Kai not being able to nap while traveling and therefore getting GRUMPY.
3. Kai not being able to sleep in the hotel room with us, it will be way too exciting for him.
4. Missing our plane by sleeping in/not being able to take our playpen for some reason (that's just me being ridiculous).
5. ONe of us getting sick before we go...OR while we are there

What am I most excited about? (in no particular order)
1. Seeing another part of the world with Gary, we haven't done any trips together (other than Ontario/Quebec, driving to Alaska and ten million hiking trips).
2. Hotels!!! I love staying in hotels and we NEVER do.
3. Kai playing with his buddies Bennett and Micah for over a week! REALLY excited about this.
4. Hanging out with friends and laughing and eating food:)
5. Taking fun pictures
6. SEeing some very cool towns
7. Warmth.

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