Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Breakfast with sisters

This morning we all went to IHOP for breakfast...the joys of having sisters that work shift work, on mat. leave and a student:)

Kai at his first attempt colouring. He basically just put dots everywhere and then tried eating the crayons...didn't last long. He actually ate a lot of food! Yippee! Hopefully his appetite is back. He had lost almost 2lbs in the last week because he was sick.

With auntie Nutty and Jackie

Ani; so proud of her new hat:) Kai; wanting to take off in the parking lot.
We took him to the pet store and he LOVED it. Well, until a bird bit/pecked at his finger and it bled. He didn't like the birds anymore. Big fan of the puppies tempting:)

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