Saturday, December 08, 2007

Der-go (There you go!)

He says `Der-go' whenever he puts something in its place...I guess I say `there you go' a lot! He has become a word machine....he repeats most of what i say, just today he said `airplane, honey, bye, toothpaste). We put up our tree today with only a few decorations on the top half. So far, he has only tried eating the lights once.
Kai, where are your piggies?
Kai, where is your head?
Kai, where is your belly?

Cuddles with mommy....and daddy

Our little guy hasn't been eating well this whole week (which started off with the flu). It's so strange that he'll want to sit in his highchair and then spit everything out and throw it on the ground. The only thing he is eating is toast, he will eat some cake if we have some. I think he had half a banana today. At least he is drinking his milk.
Gary is on the mend, just getting through his cold now. He's busy with basketball which I know he loves but is always a difficult 4 months or so (time wise, vehicle wise, energy wise). He is really good at it, looks forward to it, and it is a very important part of teaching for him so I'm glad that he can do it. On another note, Gary is super wonderful at putting Kai to bed. Kai doesn't fuss and whine for Gary (like he does with me)).
I am at about 80% health right now which is FABULOUS!!!! Woohoo. I haven't felt this good in weeks. Nothing like being sick to appreciate your health even more.
We had the EASIEST photo shoot ever today as it was with 3 adult men (for their business website), they were just here for half an hour and were happy with the shots we got.
HOpe you are all having a good weekend! I guess its supposed to snow again tomorrow? I'm going to a cookie exhange tomorrow night so hopefully the roads are okay and we get some good ones!


  1. That was Marty's first word! Not a whole lot more than that, nothing like the words Kai comes up with. That's what Kai gets with teacher parents. Good job, guys.

  2. Kai is getting so big! Wow, you can see it in the picture of him with Gary. Crazy