Monday, December 10, 2007

Mom's 55th birthday

Today mom would've turned 55. We are getting together as a family for dinner. I'm not sure how you celebrate someone's bday once they are gone but mom never liked a big fuss made over her birthday anyway. Below is a random assortment of pictures of mom, I could've added a hundred more but here are just a few...

The only picture I have of my mom pregnant with me

Up at green lake a few years ago

Doing mom's hair. I always wanted to be a teacher and a hairdresser. At least I get to cut Gary and Kai's hair now!

Mom pointing out a whale while on the boat.

Mom and 3 of us girls

After a nice dinner out

We all donated blood in my mom's name so she could get to 50 donations (she could no longer donate at that time).

Mom and Jackie

Mom and dad when they were dating as teenagers

My mom at about 15

Me napping with mom (Maria wasn't allowed to nap with mom because she moved around too much, I was a perfect napping partner:)

Me drinking tea with mom

The whole family up at Whistler

Mom and dad on the boat

Massage train...hey, my turn!


After the birth of the first grandchild, Ani. Probably the most beautiful, precious, and memorable time for us as an entire family.


  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Wow, thanks for sharing that Louise - it was beautiful!

  2. Ah, bonne temps indeed, thanks weezer. And you kinda look like a boy in the photo of you drinking tea with madre when you were young! ( that bad to say, but hey, maybe others are thinking it too?).

  3. such great pictures, especially the last one :)