Saturday, September 08, 2007

Summer's still here!

What a beautiful day today! It started with a walk with Kai this morning and then off I went to football. Big thanks to lil sis for doing a fabulous job babysitting Kai, she even had to change her first dirty diaper in years. I am so fortunate to have family (on both sides) generally available to take care of our monkey. Football was fun. We won, I played well, the other team was really nice, and it was just great to be sweating again while hanging out with friends. Next week we are playing against a new team that is being coached by our old coach so should be interesting!
First week of teaching went well. This week will def. be a greater test as to what life will be like as its jam packed with stuff....birthday celebrations, babysitting Ani, football practice and game, and teaching 3 days. Care group starts up next week which adds something else into the mix. I love working part time and it is the perfect solution for me, I am truly blessed to have that as an option.

Gary biked to work twice this week so that I could use the car if I needed it. Our car had a water pump leak but hopefully its fixed because I don't want to be stranded somewhere one day OR have to put money into our car. Gary is def. getting way more exercise than me and I am proud of his determination. One other thing about Gary is that he has a very high pain threshold or just doesn't ever complain. He can push himself so hard. I wish that he could carry our next child when/if we get pregnant again!

Kai is fun...his newest word is `apple' which doesn't make sense because he doesn't even know what an apple really is, its just in one of the books that we read. It could just be a combo of `up' and `ball', his two favourites. He is just napping once a day but we still put him in his crib for a half hour in the afternoon so he can just have some alone time with his blankie (and so I get some alone time!!!!!)
This is his blankie, the love of his life. We usually leave it in his crib but had just gotten home from daycare (he takes it with him there)
Reorganzing the jars and tins is very, very fun (according to Kai)
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

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  1. great update! glad that you're enjoying being back at work :) super cute pics of kai, as always :) hope you have a great week!