Friday, September 21, 2007

Kai this morning...

I realized I hadn't taken pictures in almost 2 weeks so here are some from this morning...(especially for auntie Jackie in Namibia, we miss you!)

Kissing the lion from his new `Noah's Ark' toys. I think I might be teaching him weird things because now he kisses them all and today, he was making Noah and a giraffe kiss. I guess I should be teaching him animal sounds or something:)

Walking around with the potato masher, his second fav. toy. Number one is an empty, plastic ketchup bottle.

Talking to his animals, this is a new idea what he's saying.

In his fav. place with his fav. blankie.
His fav. book is `Hop on Pop' by Dr. Seuss. He calls it `Up! Up!' because the first page says Up! Pup! Pup is Up! (or something like that). I guess that's where he learned to say it.


  1. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Kai looks so grown up in these photos!! What a cutie!

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    aww bunny! great pics lou!