Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'd rather be at work...

Just because he's being super monkey-ish today. He runs into the bathroom (its a sliding door, we cant' lock it) and grabs the toilet paper and runs around the house stuffing bits in his mouth. I can't remove it, I tried and he bit my finger. Fine, he can eat it. He is purposely doing stuff he knows he's not allowed (shaking the lamp, pulling on the modem thingy)...grrrr....Oh well. He is now telling me when he has to go the bathroom but it doesn't help much as he doesn't want to sit on a potty. He just tells me, `Mama? poo'. Kinda funny that he says `mama' as a question now. Actually, a little annoying when he just says, `mama? mama? mama?' over and over and over.
Here are some pictures from half an hour ago when he was a little more behaved.....
Following the monkey for 5 minutes.

Ap-ball (he's loving his plastic cooking stuff so that's fun)

Flying up the stairs which is actually a nice relief for my back! He usually waits on the bottom step until someone is there to go with him. Usually.

Torn between wanting to run and wanting to snuggle with his blankie. (We found out at daycare this week that he will eventually fall asleep without it as we forgot it one day! It took a while and apparently he was quite sad)

Playing upstairs

Upstairs, he goes from one room to the next opening and shutting doors and throwing down everything in his path. Last night at 11:30pm, Gary realized his alarm clock was missing so we were both looking everywhere for it and found it hidden IN our bed.
Okay, sister is here now...gotta go!


  1. oh man he is a monkey! turning into a little cute monster! ;) boys

  2. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Monkey sounds like the perfect nickname right now!

    Micah has upshifted too... He loves to splash in the toilet right now. Luckily, I can keep him out of the bathroom!

  3. oh man! sounds like he is a little michieve maker. however, i had to laugh about the alarm clock being hidden, he sounds quite clever :)

  4. I've heard Leanne say before that her work days are often much easier than her home days! It's the opposite of what you'd expect somehow but I can understand why! Glad works goin' well. I sure miss all of you.

  5. If the bathroom door slides, can't you just take a butter knife to the outside of the lock to lock it? I used to do that when I was babysitting and they had a bathroom sliding door.. or a baby gate? Just a thought :)

  6. Smart Lynn, I'm going to use the butter knife!