Thursday, September 13, 2007

I think I was well behaved

Obviously I can't remember being a one year old but I really think I was a good kid who listened and behaved. According to my dad, I was (although he could have me mixed up with any of my sisters). I think for the most part, my sisters were really good too. Today Kai was mad that I wouldn't let him climb the stairs so he slapped my face and pulled my necklace until it broke. Is this normal? Even when I ask for a kiss, half the time its a slap in the face followed by a HUGE giggle (still gets a big `NO' but at least he isn't doing it out of anger?). I guess he's just learning to express himself. Another great way of expressing himself is when he throws his food all over the kitchen. Today it was chilli as there was rice in it and he doesn't like rice or noodles. Yay for laminate floors. It's kind of sad that I love him more than anyone and he will slap me in the face. I wonder if he's confused because we encourage high fives and if its okay to slap someone's hand, why can't you hit their face too?
What else is new? Today we played with bubbles outside and he said `bubble' 3x. Wow, I was impressed. That seems like a big word to me for some reason. He only signs `milk' but i think it may be because he can mostly let me know what he wants otherwise.
I attempted walking 2 blocks to the mailbox with him today. I set aside half an hour for this. It would be okay if he kept going in the same direction but he kept wanting to run away from me. He also enjoyed picking up every single leaf.
I do have to say that 7:05pm is a very enjoyable time for me. Freedom.
By the way, I have really enjoyed the all in one cloth diapers, especially since he's a squirmer in diaper changes and this way, its done really quickly.
One last thing, I took a peak in his mouth today and there were teeth popping out everywhere! I wonder if that why he's slightly more volatile lately.
Sorry, no picture:)


  1. Don`t worry! Very, very normal for him to slap you. He has no ability to empathize yet, and barely has a handle on the fact that you are a being separate from him. For whatever reason he finds slapping you interesting. Maybe your skin on his palm has an interesting feel at high velocity, or he likes making you say no, or he likes the sound it makes on your skin.
    The older he gets, the more he will understand what hurt is and how aweful it is to feel it, and how making others feel it sucks. This is, IMO, unless you `modeled` this behaviour (which I know you don`t!), an issue of temperament. Boys like to express themselves physically, and this is his way! Of course, when he is mad it is going to come out as chili on the floor and stuff, I think that is cross gendered and just a mad kid. Totally normal. Welcome to toddlerhood!

  2. boys are so different! they don't like to cuddle and give hugs. my nephew often hits me to say goodbye, while his sisters are giving me lots of hugs & kisses. It's funny if his' had a good time with me, he doesn't know how to show it, he just runs up slaps me on the bumb, say "bye Ria" and runs away giggling.

  3. I'd like to add to my comment "welcome to toddlerhood"~