Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's better than one teething infant?

TWO! Actually, they weren't that bad. Kai just got two new teeth today, one being his first molar so that's exciting. Today, Ani, Kai and I went to the park twice and to Extra Foods (to see how grocery shopping with the monstrous double stroller would work). I've noticed some differences between these two kids, that's for sure. Maybe its because of their sex, maybe its their age, maybe its just personality, maybe its parenting, but here's a few things:
Ani: will not leave the park, listens to whatever I ask her to do (except share), doesn't like anything dirty on her hands or face, will pick stuff off the ground to give to me so that I can throw it away, cries a very quiet cry.
Kai: runs away all the time, never listens, doesn't mind sharing, loves dirt and food all over himself, will pick stuff up and eat it, cries so that the whole neighbourhood can hear (but rarely cries, more of a whiner)
Similarities: both love bananas, go to bed so easily, love their blankies, get fevers with their teething, love doggies, love their shoes, love snacks, don't like watching tv at all, love kicking/throwing balls around.

Giving kisses
Ani and Kai making silly faces while snacking away
Nothing like a little banana bread for dessert!
Someone must be teething/sick if he's willing to cuddle with me!


  1. Very cute post! Banana bread ... with a little chocolate too, it seems? :)

  2. those pictures of ani and kai are just adorable.