Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Lynette and Bryan

First of all, here is Kai at auntie Lynette's farm today, chasing a 2 week old kitty

He giggled with glee as the calf licked his face

He wasn't afraid of them one bit and kept calling the cows `doggies'.

Here is Lynette and I at our wedding. Lynette is my tallest and only dark haired `sister'. This picture is a segue (how do you spell that word?) into the next bit of info....

I met Lynette on the first day of high school and for the past 16 years we have been best friends. We have done a lot together from adventure racing to hiking Kilimanjaro! We have shared a lot of important moments in our lives from high school and university graduation, marriage, deaths, births, break ups, and traveling half way around the world. Last weekend she got engaged to Bryan. The picture below shows them on their first date, I would like to take some credit for getting them together. Anyway, here is Bryan fishing and Lynette napping. Gary snuck through the trees to get a shot of them together. I can't believe that I don't have a recent picture of them together...anyway, congratulations to the two of them, I'm so happy for them both!


  1. Yay Lynette! Congrats, I hope Bryan is super special.

  2. that's GREAT news!!! congrats to Lynette! How did she meet this special guy?

  3. Anonymous11:19 PM

    YAY! Brandsma is engaged! I am so excited for them! I remember their first date! O Wellness.