Saturday, September 22, 2007

Our comedian

Kai came running out of the bathroom surrounded in toilet paper. Gary got the camera and caught him running away from him giggling like crazy. Every time he tried to get a picture of his face, he'd turn and run the opposite way. His new word is `Hot' but it sounds more like `hoth'. He doesn't even know what it means but he knows it because I sometimes have him wait for his food because its too hot.
Today I had football again, and, I'd just like to say that we have won 3 games in a row. Today felt particularly good with a 34-6 win as they kept double rushing but that did not deter us. Their defense played short so most passes were long ones. Somehow I am able to throw a lot further this year and I honestly attribute it to having a big one year old to take care of. My upper body and core strength seems to be back, woohoo!
Gary and I just watched the Lions game. Pretty good game, especially the last couple minutes:) We also went out for dinner tonight, with Kai, so it was a gobble and go type deal. I don't think we even had a conversation as Kai does not like being strapped in to anything right now, he just likes to go, go, go!
Let's see, what did Gary do today while I was at football? He cleaned bathrooms and vacuumed:) What a man! I love it!

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